David Letterman

2 minutes
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David Letterman is a comedian talk show host who's been extraordinarily famous and successful in the United States. For many, many decades. He hosted late night programs on several different networks. retired from his own show on CBS A few years ago, tried retirement got bored. And now he's back doing talk shows for Netflix. What's the key to his success as a host?

I want you to take a look below and see what you think. If you watch enough of David Letterman, one thing you'll notice is he stammers a great deal. Lots of us and it's not that he's the most articulate person. Lots of us lots of a lot of his insecurities. Kathy always basically talks about himself like he's the uncoolest guy in the room. He's notoriously neurotic.

You would say he's not the warm, friendly cuddly person that a lot of talk show hosts are and yet wildly successful. decade after decade after decade. Various shows various networks. Why is that? Part of it is he was funny. And if you're a comedian doing late night comedy, and late night talk shows, that is number one, if you can get people to laugh, they'll forgive a lot of other things.

But also, he didn't try to make the show about himself. He definitely listened to his audiences he gave a fair, fair hearing to all of his guests was respectful to everyone seemed genuinely curious seemed to grow on the job. Over the years, I want you to take a look at one of his clips. Tell me what you see. To me. He's fascinating because I have so many clients.

We do a recording. They watch themselves. They said three arms Everything else was great. And they're like, Oh my gosh, teach I should just quit give up. This is horrible, I said. And then I remind them, David Letterman says more than that, sometimes every 30 seconds, and he was on TV for decade after decade after decade.

No one seemed to care that he said a lot. So take a look at it. Nothing else. Let it remind you. You don't have to be perfect. If you can do one or two things well in your presentation, your audience will forgive the other things.

Take a look. Leave your comments.

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