Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story

4 minutes
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Part of your body language in the workplace is what you're wearing, how your hair is styled. Now there's no one perfect way it varies from industry to industry. If you are a modern artist, you don't want to dress in a conservative boring suit and tie and conservative clothing. If you are working in a very conservative traditional mutual fund where everyone else wears a suit and tie, you probably don't want to show up in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. A lot of this is just common sense. And yet people often violate it.

The main thing you're looking for when it comes to your dress is are you dressed in a way that is consistent with how people expect someone in your shoes and your position your job to be? Or are they confused? If you're confusing them, that's generally a bad thing. Again, I'm not telling you to dress like me or anyone else, but I want you to help Have a real thought to it. There should be a purpose to how you're dressing so that it advances your career and advances what you're all about. Why am I wearing this for example, I used to wear a suit and tie in all my videos because I typically wear a suit and tie when conducting media training workshops with executives at major corporations and major political leaders.

But what I found is, this is a more intimate environment online, people are watching from home on a bus somewhere they're casually dressed. And there are industries like high tech, for example, where it's the kiss of death to be seen in a suit and tie. So that's why I have this. This is what I call sort of my not to shirt. It's not too formal. Obviously, it's not too distracting.

There's no patterns jumping around. It's not too black because there's actually a lot of white in here so you can see some nuance. You can see where the arm And the torso are different. It's not too light, obviously, and no one's bothered by it. I have worn ties before where people write in what you wear that ugly tie for it clashes or pixelate. So when you are thinking of how to dress if you're doing anything on video simpler is better, salads are better, avoiding white clothing, avoid solid black and I realized some of you this looks solid black, but it isn't.

Avoid stripes they jump around. That's if you're going to be on TV. But if it's for the typical day in the office, you want to be dressed by the standards of your workplace in your organization. Now, I've been to high tech companies where people are fabulously wealthy, and it's seen as really odd to have an expensively tailored suit, it would cut against your credibility. In other places, if you don't have an expensive Have Li tailored suit. It doesn't look good for you.

There's certain white shoe law firms here in New York City, where friends of mine who are attorneys I teach I never ever see a client in person. I don't go to court. But I still wear the tailored suit with the French cuffs and the thousand dollar handmade shoes. Because that's the expectation if you want to play in a game you got to you got to dress the uniform is their expression. So every industry is a little different. give some thought to it because you might not care about clothes a lot of people do, you might not care about shoes.

A lot of people do. Not going to spend a lot of time talking about hair, but just realize every industry has certain standards and some industries me being clean shaven will look really weird and strange. other industries having a beard, even though beards are almost the default position of so many men in the world in the work world these days, some professions, it's still considered a little out there. So you've got to figure that out, have something that isn't distracting, either accentuates what you're about, or at least doesn't get in the way. That's why, you know, I don't have a lot up here. I just try to keep it as short as possible.

And that way, nobody thinks I'm trying to fool them with, you know, long comb overs or all sorts of complication. There's less not a lot there, but there's not much to distract you. That's why I keep it short. Am I telling you to cut your hair short? No. You got to figure out what works for you because all of this is sending a message to your clients, customers, prospects of who you are and how you want to be perceived.

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