Dr. Phil

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Imagine you are going to create from scratch in the laboratory, the perfect TV host, the perfect communicator to bring in millions and millions of viewers. Would you pick someone who has small beady eyes? completely bald, kind of a strong, regional, non prestigious accent? a mustache that's not very flattering. You probably wouldn't. And yet I just described Dr. Phil Dr. Phil McGraw, the American TV personality.

He was first discovered by Oprah he started as a guest on Oprah's show that became a regular once a week and then he's had his own show now for quite some time and continues to generate huge ratings. What's his success? It's because he's able to speak in a really clear way. Call people on their nonsense. He's not afraid to be positive, negative to criticize, to praise. He's much more clear spoken than the typical psychology.

He's a psychologist, not a medical doctor. He's a psychologist, but he's able to deliver psychological insights in a way that's clear, simpler, more understandable than the typical psychologists or the typical expert talking head on TV and it's helped him build a mass mass following. He's not for everyone. I certainly don't watch him very often, but he is a master communicator. Take a look. Post your comments on him in the q&a section.

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