Curate Your Own Personal Library of Stories

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Final big tip for you right here we talked about earlier, I want to stress this again one last time. And that is build your own database of stories that will help you amplify important points you know, you want to speak about great speakers do this, they create a database, whether you want to think of it as the metaphor of a jukebox, or a database or a TV that has every kind of show packaged in it. Think of your stories, come up with names for them and recycle them, reuse them. It may be a little boring for you to tell a story the fifth or 10th time but if it's a great story that resonates with the audience, and the audience hasn't heard it before. re use that story. Remember when you're speaking, when you're telling stories, it's never about you.

It's about your audience. Protect your database. Stories nurture it. When you've got a free moment, every couple of months, just go through and look at it. See if there's anything you can add. You might want it on paper, some of you old fashioned, you might want to just keep a folder in your Google Drive within your email.

However you want to store it on your cell phone, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's something you can look at, whether it's on a piece of paper, a cell phone or a computer screen, look at this database. add to it. Make this your friend. It will serve you well throughout your life.

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