One Last Chance!

2 minutes
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Wow, we have come a long way together. I hope you're feeling more comfortable and confident about your storytelling abilities. This section is going to go over a few more really important things, but I wanted to just take a moment last time. Thank you. And I mean to ask you, I mean, beg I've get on my knees now, I didn't get out of the frame. But I'm gonna beg you to record yourself on video, delivering your story about a point that is important to you, and posting it right here in the q&a section.

My biggest regret the thing that saddens me the most is I see 10s of thousands of students come through my online courses for this one, and other public speaking and presentation skills courses every year. are less than 1% ever post a video of themselves speaking so I am begging you It's not too late if you haven't done it yet. to post a video of yourself, giving a speech telling your story, I can watch it, your fellow students can watch it. And I can give a personalized critique. Imagine how you would feel if you were a local swim instructor. And every summer, dozens, hundreds of kids come to your class on how to learn how to swim.

At the end of the summer, only one or two kids have gotten in the water, you probably wouldn't feel like you're making that big of an impact on kids swimming skills. Now, I don't want to bum you out or make you feel like I'm bummed out because I'm very happy to help the people I do help especially in my life in person workshops. But you're right here today right now in this online course. And I want to help you the most I can so if you take one Nothing else in this whole course, my number one principle is practice your stories on video until you like them. And I'm going to take it up a notch, let other people review the videos and get feedback from them on what they remember. So this is my last chance right now to beg you to do that to post your video right here in this course, I will still critique it.

There are no hard feelings. If you didn't do all the earlier exercises when I asked you to I won't chastise you. For that, I'll simply watch your video, give you my assessment of your strengths, and also my assessment of what you need to do to make your storytelling abilities even stronger. So please do that now. Thanks.

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