Franklin D. Roosevelt

2 minutes
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the American president who led the country in a part of the world through the first Great Depression. He was known in part by his so called fireside chats, which were really beside a fire where he addressed the nation through radio. And with these statements, he really bonded with a country. And he had so many memorable phrases, also with his inaugural addresses and other major addresses. He had a good eye for other people's writing now as president didn't write his own speeches, but he was good at editing his speech writers making it his own, keeping the good phrases that were given to him. And so we associate him with phrases like we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

He was not known as naturally a great speech maker through most of his career, he was zone and sort of patrician During his early career, he was viewed as somewhat of a lightweight, someone who wasn't that serious. A student hadn't really accomplished anything. But then after he got polio, that seemed to really wake him up in a way he became much more serious about life, his career. And that changed people's perspectives of him as well. So take a look at this speech below. Some of it is going to sound artificial to you overly formalistic almost speechifying but there is poetry to solve it.

There's a grace, there's an elegance to the way he communicates. And at the time, it really was what the United States needed made so many people feel better helped lead the country through rapid rapid transition at every single level of government change policy. economic change, military change and everything included.

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