Quick Wins! Appear to Speak Without Notes, Avoid Verbal Tics, Teleprompter Trick

3 minutes
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Let's hop right in your time is really valuable. I want to give you some quick wins. Here's a way to cheat when it comes to public speaking. And don't worry, it's completely legal and ethical. I do it all the time. No one in my audience ever has any idea.

Here's the tip sheet, use a cheat sheet. My intent, this is a one hour speech. It's written in bold, font, large letters, 234 words max. This tells me everything I need to know because it's on a single sheet. I don't have to pick up papers. I don't have to stare at a PowerPoint and read people I'm not putting on my glasses and looking at it because it's larger font.

This way I can appear to just be talking to people throughout a presentation. And I come across more natural, relaxed confident. That's the first tip I want to give you three quick ones. The second tip is I actually print out three copies of my notes and I place it around different parts of room. That way I can have one on top of a lectern or a desk in front of the room, there can be another table and when I'm bending down to pick up a glass of water for a sip, I'm glancing at my notes. I don't even have one in the back of the room.

I could be back there into everyone else. It appears as though I'm just natural and relaxed and confident walking around the room like a professional speaker. And here's the secret. I have a horrible memory. Doesn't matter. I have a roadmap.

Simple, one page of notes. That's the second tip. The third tip, the single biggest thing you can do to train like the CEOs of yesteryear who had million dollar budgets for every aspect of marketing. Here's your secret cell phone. I'm going to teach you how to use this for public speaking but the biggest tip of all, practice any speech any presentation you have just recording yourself on video. Doesn't matter about the lights or shaky hand work.

Just record yourself, watch it, figure out what you like what you don't like, keep practicing till you love it. That's the single biggest tip that will really help you build confidence and be great. And I'm going to show you how to do this in more detail in the course. Now, those are three quick tips. Fourth bonus tip. This is how you should start off presentations.

Focus on something interesting to your audience, not about yourself. As you may have noticed, I didn't start this course off by saying, Well, let me tell you about your instructor today. I'm so great and wonderful, and I've written all these blah, blah, blah. The biggest problem most people have with their speeches and why they're nervous at the beginning. Is is boring. They're just talking about me, me, me, me.

Talk about your audience. If you talk to them about something that's of interest to them, they'll want to learn More about you. Final quick bonus tip, try to exceed expectations. I told you I'd give you three tips here five already and we've just started the course.

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