Sharing Feelings IS Professional

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I love PowerPoint look. So my best friends are PowerPoint. But let's face it, PowerPoint is not particularly good at conveying emotions the way most people use it because typically they're listing facts, bullet points, numbers. When you're telling a story, it is absolutely critical that you express the emotional component with the characters and what's happening. Are you sad? Are you disappointed?

Are you happy? Are you afraid? What is it you're feeling emotionally? This is what will connect you to the audience. This is what will allow the audience to have some empathy for you, especially if you're saddened because of a setback, or you're scared because something horrible has happened. Don't be afraid to convey the emotion This is the big problem.

I have with so many my clients around the world when they're writing their speech out or they have a speech writer write their speech. It's much harder for most people to write out there emotions than does when they're simply talking to share their emotions. We're not used to writing about our emotions we are used to talking about our emotions. And this is the big problem with PowerPoint slides with people accumulating data, points, numbers, facts, well, you have to have some of that, but how do you feel about that? Which ones get you most excited? Which ones are the most depressing?

When you're telling a story? You've got to express your emotions and that's what's going to hook people that's gonna, that's gonna make them be on the edge of their seat for you or feel sorry for you or feel excited for you or to empathize with you. That's why it's crucial. A story without emotion is really just a recitation of facts.

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