Dick Clark

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Dick Clark was an American TV producer and host. Now, it may seem funny to say even those of you who remember Dick Clark, to have him on this list of great communicators, great speakers, someone with great presentation skills, but bear with me. He had a career where he was on TV for nearly 60 years American Bandstand, New Year's Eve celebrations, all sorts of other specials. And here's the thing you probably don't remember anything that he said. So why am I including him on this list? Is because Dick Clark was great at what he did.

He put a spotlight on other people, other musicians, other performers, other entertainers. Now I'm sure he had an ego but when he was on camera, speaking, communicating to millions of people, he didn't try to steal the spotlight for himself. He didn't try to hog it. He didn't try and say Me, me, me, me, me. He wasn't known as someone who had any singing talent, comedy talent, acting talent, he was really good at just being a present. Now he's great businessperson and producer as well.

But he was good at presenting the basic facts what the next act is what the next song is biographical information. There is a role for that. Many of you may be in a situation where you have to be a facilitator, introduce other people in your company, your industry at events. Dick Clark could be a great role model for you. So take a look at the clip below. And you can see he's understated.

He's not showy. He's not overly dramatic. motional is not about me, me, me. He puts the spotlight on other people, other trainers, other entertainers, other talents. That's what made him a great presenter. Take a look.

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