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We're getting close to the end here, I want to reinforce a few basic ideas that I think will set you on the path of continued growth as a storyteller throughout your career. And one is to simply watch more speakers watch great speakers who are known for being great storytellers. I am as guilty as the next person who just sort of sits back and oh, it's after dinnertime, I want to relax and just watching some silly comedy on Netflix. Look, there's a place for that in life, you do need some downtime. But some of those times instead of just clicking on the latest sitcom, or blockbuster movie, or you already know what's gonna happen, watch more TED Talks, go to YouTube and watch speakers you like you admire you respect. Sometimes you can learn even more by watching someone a second or third time.

This way you already know what the content is. You can really analyze how they're telling their stories. What are they doing? How are they building the sense of drama? How are they painting a picture of the problem and how it was resolved. So, try to spend some it doesn't have to be hours a day, even five minutes a week.

Watching the best parts of a great speaker online will help you become better and better as you improve your own storytelling abilities.

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