275 Conclusion Best Wishes for a Lifetime of Great Stories

1 minutes
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Wow, you've done it. Our journey is reaching an end. I appreciate you spending this time with me to really build your storytelling abilities. I hope you've gotten a lot out of this course, I'd certainly love to continue our relationship. And remember, just because you're in this course, you can always come back, there'll be updates to the course, I'll be sending out more announcements. And you can always write in with your questions.

Most important, you can post your videos of yourself speaking. But I hope what you really took away from this course is you already have the ability to tell a story. You just have to think about it and structure it and focus on it when you're trying to do so for a specific business or professional purpose. And the basics are pretty simple. Ask yourself, what are you trying to get the audience to do? What messages will really motivate them to do that?

And then for each message, tell a simple story involving a conversation between a couple of characters. Ideally you What was the problem? How did you feel? How was it solved? What were the emotions involved? What were the challenges?

And ultimately, how was it resolved? And what's the lesson that you took away in that you think others do? Do that, do that consistently, and you will be a master storyteller. Good luck.

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