Anthony Robbins

2 minutes
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Since 1988, the personal development speaker who's had the biggest impact on audiences, here in the United States, and in other parts of the world has been Anthony Robbins. Many people grew up watching him on infomercials and he became a bit of a joke. But he's not a joke to the people who love him. He has a passionate, passionate following. And how he comes across on stage is a little different than how he comes across on TV on TV. Everybody's the same size.

But on stage is massive giant six foot seven giant guy, powerful voice, and is indeed a fantastic speaker. I've been to one of his three day events, and I can tell you, he is a force he is a true force of nature from the platform. Even if you don't like him, even if you think it's cheesy, this whole motivational speaking stuff. I urge you Tony Robbins comes to your town, you should see him once. It is an extraordinary performance. Now you'll see examples of neuro linguistic programming, you'll see mass hypnosis, there are a lot of things he does to engage the audience, some people like them, some people don't.

There's a lot of high fiving, turn to your neighbor and massage their neck, things that I personally don't really like. Turn to your neighbor and tell him your innermost fears and dreams for your life. But it works for him. It works for the vast majority of the people in his audience. To me, he's also a perfect example of it's not about being concise, being short. clients come to me all the time and say TJ teach me to be a concise speaker speaking for 10 minutes, I only want to speak for two.

And my question is always Why, why is two minutes better than 10 minutes if you're boring and uninteresting and memorable, nobody's going to give you credit. For speaking for two minutes I've seen Anthony Robbins speak from 10 in the morning until midnight and people wanted more. I'm not suggesting you have to start off every board meeting or conference you go to with a 14 hour speech. What I am suggesting, though is Okay, first and foremost on the interesting to your audience. gauging to your audience, memorable to your audience to do that time will take care of itself. And by the way, Anthony Robbins can speak in short amounts to he's spoken at TED conferences for 17 minutes.

And the audience's loved him there as well. Take a look. Leave your comments

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