Steve Harvey

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Steve Harvey is an American comedian and actor and he is omnipresent. It seems as though there are days when it doesn't matter what channel you flip on. There he is on a show and it's a completely different show. He hosts numerous TV shows. He writes New York Times bestsellers. He is just on his radio shows.

I mean, the guy doesn't seem to sleep. Now he is a professional comedian. So he is able to inject humor in what he does. But part of what he does well as a presenter is he just exudes the sense he's happy to be there. Part of it as a smile. Part of it is his tone of voice.

This is something great communicators have in common. They don't go into any presentation with the idea. Okay, let's get it over with I'm here to dump the facts or I'm here to do a job. Now. They exude the sense of Wow, it's great to be here today to share with you these Ideas are these topics are the subjects we're dealing with. And that's what Steve Harvey does.

I want you to watch below. And you can see him do stand up comedy hosting shows, Family Feud, you name it. All these shows are a little bit different. But how he speaks is typically the same. He's relaxed, he's conversational, he's loose. He's friendly.

He doesn't seem stuck up. He doesn't seem pretentious in any way. That's what makes him a great presenter. And it's also making him really in demand because it seems as though TV producers, at least in America can't even think anyone else does shows these days other than Steve Harvey. Take a look. See what you like comment, comment on in the discussion group.

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