Tony Blair

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a master at public speaking. This guy could read the phonebook for five hours, I would want to listen to him more. Now part of it is, as Americans, we have sort of a bias. There's all sorts of biases in the world. Fair, unfair, negative positive. We Americans have a bias in favor of certain types of British accents to our ear.

It just sounds so incredibly educated, refined and sophisticated. And Tony Blair has one of those accents. But when you see him in the House of Commons, a press conference, a set formal speech, you can tell he has put time into it as he's thought about it. He's prepared. He has rehearsed. He's looking up at people most of the time.

He's not just reading and going through the motions. He's connecting on an emotional level. As well as an intellectual level. So I urge you take a look. And forgive me, those of you in the United Kingdom and some of you in Europe, the politics have changed to make him not as popular as he used to be. Again, we're not here in this course to talk about whether someone was a great political leader or bad or anything.

We're just analyzing their presentation skills and public speaking skills. And I think any fair minded observer would say that Tony Blair, is one of the greatest speakers in the English language of the last 50 years. Take a look. Post your comments.

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