Martha Stewart

3 minutes
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Martha Stewart is a true force of nature in the world of publishing, media, entertainment and lifestyle. That's sort of this new genre she created. Now, a lot of people say, Martha Stewart now when I think of as a compelling captivating speaker, she's not giving rousing keynotes motivational speeches that often. But she has had a tremendous career on TV now on internet video, every kind of network, every kind of channel, her own shows broadcast syndication, cable TV, public TV, you name it, she's been there, she is a producer. So part of what I find inspiring about her is it doesn't matter she's already rich. A couple of decades ago, she became a billionaire at least for a while when her company went public during the internet craze.

She still went to work every day and after that, She went to prison for some legal problems. A lot of people that have just retreated into private life after that, in seclusion, she was right back out there she is someone known for a tremendous, tremendous work ethic. Now, she's not known for being the best boss to have. But when it comes to someone who's just always out there, always speaking, she does it. Now, interesting thing about Martha Stewart. She has an arms come up.

It's not that she's perfectly fluid. But she does come across in a consistent way in her own style. Her image is that of the wildly successful, rich, beautiful Connecticut woman who has it all with the glamorous friends, the glorious horse farms, everything is beautiful. And it's this beautiful world, where there's beautiful dinner parties and weekend in the country, and she just exudes this whole aspirational lifestyle every time you see her. And it's not because of a fancy vocabulary or anything else, but in part it is her look, no matter how old she is she when she was really young, she was a fashion model in Manhattan and on the cover of magazines. Now she's nearly 80.

But she still has a consistent look that is aspirational. To many people, she comes across as calm, sophisticated, yet isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. And really roll up your sleeves and tell you exactly how to fix this fence or exactly how to re varnish this door. That's what makes her a compelling speaker that and just a pure, prodigious output. She keeps going and going and going and she's always looking for new people to partner with and recently or she's partnered with Snoop Dogg for the TV shows. She is fearless.

Take a look at the video. See what you like and what you don't like.

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