More Is Sometimes Less

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Another common blunder people make is being too long. They're going on and on and on. Maybe it started off interesting. But the audience is thinking, Oh, where's TJ going with this? Not saying it's getting laid, I've got emails. If people don't know why you're going in a certain direction, if there just seems like there's too much detail, or you're going off on tangents, that's a huge problem.

Your storytelling will not be effective. So sometimes you want to talk it out, look at it, and try to edit it down, try to figure out what can I cut out of this and still keep the meat still keep the good stuff. So it can be a problem of going on too long. In my experience, the far more common problems, people not having stories or being too short. Remember when the movie came out the Titanic It was the most successful movie in the history of movies. And it was Three hours and 15 minutes long.

I could have done the whole thing and a half an hour and just left out a lot of detail, but would that have been as good as story? Now your speech doesn't have to have a three hour and 15 minutes story inside. But just remember if it's good, people will listen for a long time. If it's boring, even 30 seconds is too long.

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