Building a Strong The Frame for Your Stories

1 minutes
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Before you build your dream house or your ideal office complex, typically you're going to look at an architectural drawing maybe an engineer blueprint. You don't just start hammering things up and building it up willy nilly. You want to see the skeleton, you want to see the actual design? Well, that's what I'd like to do now, is I'd like to see the design of your presentation, we're going to make it 1000 times more interesting and memorable with stories. But before we do that, let's see, does it stand on its own? Or is it like a frame of a house that only has one beam aimed and nothing holding you up, but it just falls over?

So what I'd like you to do now is pull out your cell phone, a lot of webcam, anything you can to record yourself and just speak out loud. Your five main message points now this shouldn't take more than a minute. I'm not asking you to put any stories in yet. Let's just practice the business. bones of our message not expecting it to even be memorable or captivating yet, but we do want it to be interesting. We do want it to make sense and you need to personally feel comfortable with it.

So practice that recorded several times and then upload it post it here so we can all look at it

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