Avoiding the Hack

1 minutes
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Don't tell a joke just to tell a joke. That's what hack comedians do. That's what bad speakers do. Because they think, Oh, I didn't have to laugh. I'll be more relaxed. If you want to be a compelling storyteller, everything needs to be done by design.

On purpose, you need to be making a point. Now, if something spontaneous if someone's cell phone goes off and you make a joke about, you know, tell the bill collectors, you're not here. If you want to do something like that's okay. But you don't want to seem like you've prepared and packaged and you're not going to deliver this set. Joke. You're not a professional comedian.

Now, professional comedians can do this because they spent thousands of hours in front of people often open mics, practicing their craft, you don't have time for that. So you don't have the professionalism. I'm assuming of a professional comment. You also don't want to seem like a bad amateur hack comic. So that's why my advice is, don't tell jokes don't tell a really worn, reused use that joke story that people have heard. Just tell your story and if you can bring in personal elements, anything embarrassing to you any surprises, then your humor will come across as genuine, authentic, real and not like a stand up comedy want to be

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