The Clean, Dirty Little Secret

Personal Development Self-Improvement Public Speaking The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting The Easy Way to Have 100% Confidence In Your Stories, But You Might Not Like It!
3 minutes
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Do you ever see someone give a fantastic TED talk? And you think, Wow, what a fantastic story. They seem so incredibly confident, comfortable, relaxed even. And the whole world's looking at them. And they're on this big stage with this big red dot and this huge audience and millions watching. How do they stay composed?

How can they be confident? Well, I'm here to tell you a little secret. This is true of almost all Ted talkers. But it's also true of any great communicator, any great storyteller who is alive in the 21st century. And here is the secret practice on video and practice until you like what you see. This section is going to be devoted to something a lot of you don't like.

A lot of you want to just sit back treat this like it's a Netflix special and have me entertain you. And I'm going to say I'm not that entertaining, but what I'm really good at is making you a great speaker and storyteller, if you actually do what I asked. So now we're going to get to the part of doing actual working and I'm going to teach you how to practice your stories so that you have absolute complete 100% confidence in front of any audience. Doesn't matter if it's two people 200 or 20,000 people you will be completely confident. Before we do that, I need you to do a quick tech check. either pull up a cell phone or you can record yourself on video.

Get your webcam out of the closet if you need that, use an iPad, find something where you can record yourself telling your story on video. I know you don't want to do it. But I'm here to tell you the simple act of doing this is going to put you ahead of 99% of the world. Most people are too lazy to do it. Not because It's hard, but because people just don't want to do oh my gosh, if I record myself I'd video a while like a police. Oh, my hair's falling out if I don't look at on video, I can pretend it didn't fall out.

Well guess what? That doesn't work. Whether I'm looking on video, everyone else can see my hair fell out, or at least most of them. Oh, I don't want to see myself on video I look fat. Well, you know, I put some on to guess what? not practicing on video doesn't make me any thinner for the rest of the world.

So you got to get over all that. If you want to be serious at this skill. You've got to Pratt, you don't get to be a good writer without writing and looking at your writing. You're not going to be a good speaker or a good storyteller. Unless you actually look at the stories you tell. That's not on text that is on video.

So go ahead, get your camera ready. The fun is just About to start

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