Presentation Skills On Video Will Sell You

4 minutes
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There is power in presentation live in person but also on video. These days, it's never been easier to present on video and yet still, most people don't do it even more so, decades ago, way back in 1997 I was struggling in New York trying to be a talk show host political commentator, little training on the side, but really frankly kind of struggling. Living in a commune. I decided to scrape together just the last few dollars I had and I made a media training video just with an old VHS camera, poorly edited, but I made a video five seven minutes long, demonstrating media training principles I had someone stage be being caught off guard and be bombarding them with tough questions and then looking bad. It really wasn't very good. I don't even have a video anymore.

But I took every last remaining Penny I had and I made duplicates of this VHS one at a time. I think it cost about $3 each. And I mailed it. Every PR firm in New York City at the time, really cleaned me out and nothing left. I was just hoping to make something from this. I then call every PR firm in town was about 300 out of those 300.

I got a response from three and went and met with those three firms. Every one of them hired me. One guy hired me training well. He then retired, never heard from again. another woman's PR firm hired me. They used me Oh half a dozen times over the next couple of yours.

But another firm hired me and I'll never forget I asked the woman who owned the front. Oh, tell me What did you like about the video? What made you decide to hire me? She said, Oh, TJ, I never watched the video I just assumed because you had a video, your professional. She hired me. She hired me again and again.

And I worked with her for the next 20 years. In fact, when you look at the revenues I got from her clients and spin off business. It's probably way in excess of half a million maybe closer to a million dollars at this point. He came from one video. I did that in a time when frankly few people especially if the immediate trainers were putting together demo tapes on video. These days everyone can it's so much easier making video everyone has video cameras.

Everyone has access to YouTube. Anyone can post an online course right here and yet most people don't most people still deliver their presentations their sales pitch over the phone in person one on one but then tell themselves Oh, you know, I don't have the skills it takes to be on camera. Oh, I don't look polished nonsense. Now I'm not saying just having a video is enough to get you hired these days, people will look at video, maybe just for 10 seconds online with one click. So like the old days where you had to pull out of a box, get down in your hands and knees. See if the VCR is hooked up the right way.

It's a lot easier to watch video. So you can't just send out a blank video which I guess I could have done. But it's also easier to make good video and after going through courses like these and other media training courses, you can look comfortable, confident and relaxed. So even though the tools are easier than ever cheaper than ever distribution is easier. Look around, My bet is that most competitors in your industry in your field, it doesn't matter if it's consulting, finance, banking, energy or politics, most of your competitors aren't doing this. So if you want to have a lot more impact with your presentations, my advice, capture your presentations on video, then people can see it anywhere, anytime, sometimes, years later.

So why do I tell that story? Obviously, I'm trying to motivate people to not just give better in person presentations, to capture their presentations on video. Because when you do that, you're going to hold yourself to higher standards, you're probably going to look at it. It's going to motivate you to get better and to improve. And that's the real goal.

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