Rush Limbaugh

4 minutes
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Rush Limbaugh is the most successful talk radio show host in the United States, perhaps ever, certainly, of the last 30 years, he's been on the air every day for three hours, coast to coast and heard around the world to in some places, three hours a day. Now. He doesn't have guests, folks, anyone who thinks it's easy to talk for three hours a day, essentially to yourself, has never hosted a three hour talk radio show. I know I've hosted three hour talk shows before it's hard to do, you can run out of things to say you certainly can start to bore yourself now. He is a controversial figure for a number of political comment. We're not here to talk about the politics.

In fact, I would urge you if you don't like rush limbaugh is politics. Watch the clip below. Try to look at it with a fresh set of eyes because I do believe He is one of the most masterful communicators of the last half century, certainly, within the United States. He's able to keep an audience whether it's still 20,000,050 million, it's still huge. The audience he has and his ability to really convey ideas about politics in the world to people who share similar values. I'll never forget the first time I heard rush limbaugh I was hosting a daily political talk show in a small town in Florida in Tallahassee WETA l radio, and my producer came up to me say, I gotta see this and he pushed in a VHS tape into a VCR.

I thought it was going to be something inappropriate in the workplace. It wasn't it was a video of rush limbaugh giving a speech back then he had his so called rushed excellence tour. This would have been 1989, the year before is when rush limbaugh started his national talk radio show in 1988. So as of this recording day he's been on for 30 years. Now, what rush does so well, and what he really used to do very well, in the first five years or so of his talk show was he had a lot of creativity in the way he looked at old issues through a new light. He also used a lot more humor, audio clips, music, clips, sound effects.

And there was a tremendous amount of creativity. I don't think he's as creative as he used to be. But in his prime, he was masterful at the particular medium of radio was not as successful television. He doesn't really get out and do that much public speaking anymore. But he is still speaking to millions of people every single day, and has tremendous influence on politics campaigns, here in the United States, you may have someone like this in your country as well. Even if you don't like them, listen to them.

You can learn from that. So watch the clip below and see if you can figure out what he's doing. Why has he been able to reach 20 million people every day for 30 years. And most people can't even get family members at the dinner table to listen to them. Even though the opinions might be the same. Take a look.

Analyze it, figure out what's working and what's not working. I can tell you one of the things you'll notice is it's not all scripted out and written out. He's thinking their stops and starts. There's sputtering you hear the rattling of the new of the paper. of notes of stories he's looking at. So it really works for this medium of radio which is different than television.

It's different than a scripted show. It's different than standard comedy. It's its own thing and he is the master of it.

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