What do All Great TED Talks have

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This section is going to cover everything you need to know about telling stories for Ted Talks. Now, if you're a regular watcher of the TED Talk series, you know that pretty much all of the presentations have stories embedded. And if you look at the top 10, the top 20, Ted speeches of all times, they all have incredibly compelling stories, typically, personal stories. Now, everything we've said so far in this course, applies to the stories you should tell in your TED talk as well or your TEDx talk. Here's the difference. And I go through this in more detail in this section.

When it comes to a TED talk, you're really have to have one interesting, useful idea to people where they're scratching their head saying, you know why I really never thought of it quite like that before. There's got to be some idea that's truly beneficial to the world. can't just be on why your engineering firm is a little bit better than a competitor. It's got to be a bigger issue than that has to deal with an issue that affects all of humankind. That's the biggest difference when it comes to a TED talk. And that's frankly, why most people don't get to deliver TED talks or TEDx talks is is they simply don't have an interesting enough idea that speaks beyond their own situation to their own company, their own organization.

I hope you find this section useful. Certainly, if you aspire to speak to Ted audiences or TEDx audiences, this section will be crucial for you

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