Make Fun of Yourself

4 minutes
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The best source for comedy for laughs in your stories. It's when you make fun of yourself. Because then it's not like an obvious joke you stole from a Milton Berle joke book. It's not something canned, it's not something funny and people like it when the Big Shot speaker is making fun of himself or herself. So it makes you more likeable. And especially if it relates to a story that is important to your audience, then all comes together in a compelling way.

So for example, when I am speaking to people in speaking specifically on how they can look their best on television, I always have a point where I say, you need to realize you need some expression on your face when you're being introduced or when you're listening to the reporter or host. Talk to you and ask you questions because if you have just a blank look on your face, may be fine for a meeting an employee Person conversation with someone but on a video screen, it will look awful. For example, how do I look right now? And then I do this. So when I'm in a room full of 12 people, everybody laughs and also what's wrong, and they'll say you look bored, boring, unengaged out of it. You look like a mug shot a criminal.

So people laughing they're laughing at me. But it's to make a specific point, which is if you want to look your best on TV, you need a little bit of a smile on your face. Not a gigantic TV evangelist, but just a little bit of an upturn. What I just did that, by the way, I should point out, I'm not naturally that funny, my friends don't say Oh, DJ, you're all laugh riot. But what I did right there, consider This suddenly gets me to laughs anytime I'm giving speeches or presentations, or workshops. The first where I have my Facebook completely blank.

And I say How do I look? People laugh every time. Now this isn't the sort of joke that's going to get me on The Tonight Show or famous comedy space. It's not that kind of a joke. But it gets laughs because I'm making fun of myself. And it's funny because I look so awful.

The second thing I did is, I'm making the point, how you need a little bit of a smile, but not a gigantic smile. And then I just talked about not like a TV evangelist that gets a laugh because people have images of sort of big fake phony TV evangelists with gigantic smiles on their face. And that gets a laugh every time is it brilliant? No. But again, I'm making fun of them. myself making fun of something in pop culture, and it's making an important point about don't smile too big or have a fake smile plastered on your face just a little bit of an upturn.

So you look more relaxed when you're presenting on video. Now, the final big lesson here is again, I'm not naturally that funny, I'm not this quick with who's just as every one of the dinner party rolling on the floor laughing. But what I do is similar to what great comedians do, which is I listen, if something got a joke, I use it next time. So those two elements I just mentioned, have gotten laughs for me, again and again and again. So I reuse them. When I have new audiences.

I'm not going to say it again to you, because you'll have seen it already. So that's a part of any great comedian. Stick around. unique and humorous technique and a great storytellers technique. Somebody gets a laugh as a part of the story in the past, reuse it again and again and again until it stops getting laughs

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