More Is Sometimes More When It Comes To Public Speaking

3 minutes
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The best ice skaters in the world. I skate every single day. The best soccer players, the best football players play every day or at least half the year. They're playing every single day for hours. If you want to be a great speaker, one technique is to just speak more often the best speakers in history. We quite often remember for one speech, but we forget the fact that they were speaking constantly.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Here in the United States was credited as having given the best speech of the 20th century his famous, I Have a Dream speech. What everybody forgets is he gave more than 300 speeches that year alone. I don't care who your favorite politician is in your country, chances are that person gives a speech every single day now, you might not want to be president of a country or a major civil rights leader. doesn't mean you can't speak regularly. The easiest way these days is just say something on social media in a video format.

Talk about some area of expertise you have on a YouTube channel on a Facebook page. Let's take it up a notch. You could be speaking in your own Udemy course. If you speak often enough, regularly enough, and you're watching yourself, you get more and more confident. doesn't mean you're perfect. Doesn't mean everybody will love you.

Some of you don't like me some hearing you guys got beady eyes. I don't like his hairline is nothing I can do about that. But what I can tell you is I'm as relaxed now speaking to you, as if I were talking to one friend, and in this entire course, I've done everything. Live to tape because when you're giving a speech, you don't get to do over You're in front of people, they see it. So I've made some little mistakes here and there. I kept on going because I wanted to demonstrate to you how to real people actually speak in the real world.

The problem is not our mistakes, it's quite often our reaction to our mistakes. There may have been one or two things where the phone rang and I stopped, but pretty much I've done this whole course. Just live all the way through. So the amount of time it takes you to watch this. That's how much time it's taken me to make this course because I'm just talking to, you know, talent on my part, no unique skill, nothing innate. It's not like knowing how to dunk a basketball or balanced on a high beam.

It's just talking. But if you don't do it a lot, it feels strange and weird and uncomfortable. And you'll come up with all sorts of excuses as to why you shouldn't do it. So my advice to you is, just say Yes to every speaking opportunity you have. And if you can't travel somewhere, you can always just give a speech through live Skype video without leaving your home. The more you speak, the more comfortable you'll get, the better you'll get and it creates this positive cycle of virtue and you just get better and better and better.

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