Les Brown

2 minutes
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Les Brown has been one of the premier motivational speakers in the United States and throughout the world. for three decades, a lot of people I talked about in his course are famous for other things they were talk show hosts, chefs, politicians, Les Brown, is one of these pure speakers. That's what he does. That's what he's known for. His base is the platform in front of people speaking. Now, as a motivational speaker, it is key to have a great personal backstory.

He has a compelling compelling story talks about being born into extreme poverty, no father actually being labeled. retarded, that's what they called you back then. And people didn't even know if he could read and he overcame all of that, to become wildly successful, to get elected to public office. have his own briefly A nationally syndicated TV show but for the most part, to just be a successful, wildly successful motivational speaker seen on platforms all over the world. So he's got this tremendous backstory of what he overcame, talked about how he did it. But he does it from a purely technical standpoint, flawlessly great story, great emotion, great movement, Schumer.

It's like going to a Broadway show. And he's compelling. He's good at it. He enjoys his craft. I met him by lab even been to his trainings when he has conducted workshops at the National Speakers Association delightful person, and someone who's in the history books already, for one of the best motivational speakers ever. Take a look below.

Some people don't like motivational speakers and say, Well, yeah, they all say the same thing. had a bad time I made it you can to work hard have goals. a certain amount of criticism is fair, I think for any motivational speaker, but you have to really appreciate the craft. Respect the craft to learn from it because it can help any speaker. Anyone present their ideas more effectively. You don't have to mimic him or anyone else but you can borrow and learn from things they do well, so take a look.

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