Adolf Hitler

6 minutes
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Okay, I'm saving this one for last bydesign Adolf Hitler. Obviously I hold obviously I don't support Hitler. I don't support what he did. He deserves going down in history is the most despicable evil tyrant ever is slaughter of 12 billion people. Specific slaughter the genocide of 6 million Jews is not something that can ever be excused no matter any other things he did well. This course is about public speaking communication skills, presentation skills.

There's simply no way of talking about great communication skills, great leaders or prominent leaders, not saying Hitler was great without having a discussion of Adolf Hitler. He was in fact a fantastic public speaker. Here's what's so fascinating to me, and I think many others about Hitler. He is almost a perfect example. The power of public speaking, how did he rise to power to control an entire great nation. And about that close to controlling the whole world, it wasn't because he was born to prominence.

It wasn't because of personal wealth. It wasn't because really a personal chart wasn't because of great inventions he had. He certainly wasn't better looking than the average person or taller than the average person or stronger than the average person. When you really get right down to it. Adolf Hitler had one strength and one strength only. He had the ability to speak effectively.

He had the ability to present his ideas effectively. Now, they were horrible ideas. There's no doubt about that. I'm not asking you to emulate him and spread genocidal dreams and people. That's not the point. point of this lesson here.

But here's the thing, there are certain things he did well that are just fundamental to good public speaking that anyone can learn from. So I'm posting the link below. I do want you to watch it. Interesting thing about Hitler. He was a lifelong student of public speaking. after he'd gotten out of jail, other problems failed as an artist.

He really latched on to it. He quickly realized I can be somebody if I speak, this is the one thing in the world. I'm actually good at and he took it and he ran with it. And he continued to improve his public speaking throughout his career. Some things he do he did were really sound principles for public speaking for starters, when he spoke in front of people, he never rushed. He would stand up Act like he was in no hurry and wait for people to be quiet before he spoke.

Now I recommend people do this today. This is when I do too many speakers Get up. Second, they're introduced. I'm happy to be and it's like they're nervous. They're in a hurry to get away, not what Hitler did. Now he did it to a certain extreme.

Sometimes he would get up in front of a crowd of 50 80,000 people not see anything 1234 minutes at a time building in dissipation. Having people wonder what's going on? Will he speak, it was masterful in its ability to manipulate people and to build this sense of anticipation. The other thing you'll notice when he starts a speech, whisper He would lure you in it started off slow. And then it would build and build. And then it would just explode there would be this climax where he's yelling and shouting.

Now, you can look at it today and say, well, that's too extreme. It's the rantings of a madman. But when you were in the audience, it's a different effect. You're not looking at it right there on screen. It's not as disruptive and extreme. When you're in a large, large rally.

The other thing he did is he would put speakers in the audience to amplify his applause, because when everyone else is appearing to be shouting and applauding, it makes you want to do it to stay at the same level. So there was mass manipulation that I'm not suggesting you do that. I'm not suggesting you manipulate your audience. I'm certainly not suggesting you target certain racial or ethnic or religious groups. For punishment and attack, there are a number of things he did well, as far as the use of his voice, the use of pausing, you would rarely ever see him stand behind a lectern. He was completely exposed to his audience, even if he's in front of 50,000 people.

Now he did use notes. And I think there's nothing wrong with using notes, but he would place them to his side. And clearly, he was emotional. We have these images of Hitler just screaming and ranting like a man and he was a madman. But early in his career, mid career when he did speak, he spoke with emotion that captivated his audience. Now the key for you is using emotion.

That is bringing people in a positive direction and helping people. That's the key. So take a look. No, it can be upsetting for some people to even see him. But we can learn from history we can learn from people. Even if they did horrible things.

Take a look. Leave your comments in the q&a section.

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