Gary Vaynerchuk

3 minutes
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Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, and a social media genius. These days if you're on social media, it's hard to miss him. He seemingly omnipresent with his videos, his podcast, his books are everywhere. his speeches dominate on YouTube. This is a guy who really started without any of the normal trappings of startup wasn't from a rich family, successful family. He wasn't a best selling author.

He didn't go to a prestigious school. He was just a guy who barely get through college, worked at his dad's liquor store. But he was very entrepreneurial. Even at a young age. He was selling baseball cards making a lot of money as a teenager. So he decided he would market his dad's liquor store the wine section of it by doing an on line video show on you To talking about why he created TD Wine Library, this was early, and the internet days and certainly early in YouTube days.

And it took off. Now it didn't take off right away. As he says he did a year's worth of shows before he got much feedback at all, but by doing a show, every single day, for many, many years, 15 minutes a day. He built his audience first it was slower than faster and then it grew and grew and grew. He got better at he got more comfortable. In this.

He built an audience and from that he got on every kind of TV show, got book deals, basically became rich and famous and asked to speak everywhere when you see him on stage. He has this tremendous passion. He really exudes authenticity, he's cursing a he's using the F word every two seconds. He's kind of messy. unshaved jeans t shirt, but he is himself. And he sees it as his mission to empower people to start their own businesses to start their websites to start their internet companies to be entrepreneurial live their vision, and he tells you how to do at least how he did it and gives people advice on that now, he also has an agency with hundreds and hundreds of employees around the country, helping other organizations on how to use social media how to speak effectively, but I didn't want you to watch him because might not be your style.

You might not want to curse. You might not want to wear t shirts and jeans when you speak. But I do want you to see that the sheer energy the idea of I can reading a speech and getting behind a lectern. You can't even comprehend it. He has this tremendous energy that comes out this excitement this passion for helping people Communicate, and it comes through with everything he touches. Take a look.

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