Emeril Lagasse

3 minutes
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He's one of the most famous, successful popular TV chefs of all time, perhaps the most popular. Emeril Lagasse, he has had so many shows he essentially made the Food Network. And there are times when he seems like he's just dominating pop culture everywhere you see him cable shows. He has sitcom for a while, believe it or not. He has restaurants everywhere books, products in every grocery store and department store. And he does it in part because of his ability to communicate effectively.

Most restaurant critics and serious chefs, if they look at his recipes are not that impressed. But what does impress people is how he communicates on TV. He doesn't worry about the fact that he has a strong Massachusetts x and I'm not very good at accents, obviously. But he has a Massachusetts accent. For those of you outside the United States, that's a regional accent that isn't considered particularly attractive or popular for TV stars. He is heavy, is he has maybe a little more hair than I do, but they're a little thin on top.

So my point is, he's not a matinee idol. Beautiful George Clooney, doesn't matter. He's a great communicator. He just exudes his passion for food and he has certain catchphrase, bam, let's take it up a notch. And audiences love him. He also wasn't afraid to experiment by mixing genres.

His TV show was the first to fuse a cooking show with a band kind of like a late night TV talk show has he fuse those two together? He's also the first TV chef that I know who did his own sitcom. No, it wasn't a big hit. But he wasn't he wasn't afraid. to try new things he experiments, he's always trying new avenues of speaking out, showing his passion for food, cooking, enjoying life. And when you watch him, you really do get the sense that he enjoys cooking, he enjoys eating.

He could just say, garlic. And I'd seen audiences go Whoa, he's mentioned garlic as if it were the most brilliant, exciting thing in the world. Well, to him it is. He puts his excitement into the food into the cooking and eating and that's what makes him a powerful presenter. That's why his presentation skills are so good. He is all into it.

Now one thing that's a little bit easier for chefs, I would say than just a typical person, getting a PowerPoint presentation or even speaking on TV. When you're a chef, you're doing things with your hands. You're doing things with your body that naturally animates you more. That makes it a little easier. So if you're not a chef, think of things you can do. walk around the room, move gesture to people.

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