Bill Maher

3 minutes
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Bill Maher is an American comedian and political talk show host who's been active since the 1970s. For the last quarter of a century, he's had his own nighttime show on major TV networks. First, it was politically incorrect. Now, it is Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. He's had a tremendously long career had ups and downs, but I believe he deserves inclusion here is one of the best communicators because part of how consistent he is with his beliefs, how he injects humor into everything. And because of how fearless he is he has a different style.

He hits his political opponents much, much more forcefully in a much more vicious way. Because of that, he has a more polarized audience, the people who hate him, really, really hate it. But people who love him however, really love him. great communicators, I believe are true to themselves, true to their audience, true to their fans, and I don't worry about trying to be all things to all people. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when they're trying to give presentations, talks, speeches, is to be defensive the whole time to spend all their time not trying to offend anyone, and trying to appeal to everyone, they end up being boring mush. Now, I'm not suggesting you have to go as far as Bill Maher.

The next time you're giving a corporate presentation and you talk about what idiots are fools. your competitors aren't I'm not suggesting that. But I do want you to look at how he frames his arguments. There's a logic and he's its own style. He's not trying to be Mr. Every man. He's not trying to be Joe sixpack or the average Joe.

He's very happy that people know he is the rich Hollywood liberal. elite who, frankly, looks down upon people who support politicians, he doesn't like, he's okay with that. He's not trying to fake people out. He's not trying to be a phony. But what really makes him so attractive as a speaker is he's consistently funny. You watch his opening monologue unless you just hate his politics, you're gonna laugh every couple of seconds, and you're gonna think that makes a really good point.

The other thing he does well is he doesn't try to make himself the star, every conversation. It is his show. He does get to speak at the beginning all by himself his monologue, he does get the end, but he really does let his guests speak. And he has guests of varying viewpoints, they aren't just people who agree with him. That makes him more interesting dynamic. So take a look at the link below.

See what you like about Bill Maher see what you don't like about Bill Maher because let's not forget, part of being a great communicator can be simply getting people to talk about you more even if the talk is about how much they hate you. Post your comments.

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