The Biggest Blunder of All

1 minutes
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By far the biggest mistake people have regarding storytelling is simply not having a story that is far and away the number one mistake. People in business, politics, culture, civic life is they just don't have stories. They try to tell people at the abstract level, the fact base level they do a data dump. Nothing is remember the whole speech the whole presentation was a complete waste of time because it was instantly forgotten. Now, I hope you're not even tempted to make this mistake after being in this course this long. But realize it's always easy to slide back into the old habits and the old habits in most organizations is you've got a presentation, it's on the calendar.

Someone in the PowerPoint department will start coming up with slides the slides go back and forth legal opinion before you know it all this time has been spent creating the This deck this presentation and it feels like it's this own monster that you can't even control anymore. At that point, oh my gosh, it's too late to put in stories, right? Wrong. It's never too late to put in stories. But ideally Don't let it get to that point. That's not how your presentation should be created.

Your presentation should be created with you asking yourself what do you want the audience to do? What messages are going to do that? And then what stories do you have for each one

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