Riveted...On a Dairy Farm

2 minutes
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Where were you the first time you heard someone or watch someone speak and you thought, wow, that person has a tremendous command of the language, whether it's English or whatever your first language is. I remember where I was, I was on a dairy farm in Indiana. My uncle was a dairy farmer, outside of Lafayette, Indiana. It was the summer of 1974. And that meant the Watergate hearings were going on. This was a huge scandal involving the United States president at the time, there were all these congressional hearings.

And I still remember john Dean, the White House Counsel. Part of it is he did use big words to the best of my recollection. I do not know sir. Rather than I don't remember. But he just struck me is so articulate, so educated, so intelligent, and it's sparked an interest in me in politics. Media speaking and the law now at the time and for many years, even through college, I thought I was going to go to law school.

Thankfully, I decided not to do that. But I kept my interest in media communication, public affairs. And I that's why I do think it is important to start looking around for role models, not that you agree with them politically, necessarily or theologically, but look for role models. And that can often motivate you to want to go deeper in your own learning when it comes to your presentation skills. Okay, so why do I tell that story? I don't tell that story very often.

But sometimes if I'm going to spend, for example, a couple of days, training a group of people. They do want to know more about who I am where I came from. So when they can envision this little boy sitting on a dairy farm watching on a little screen Probably black and white, the Watergate hearings, it just gives them a sense of where I was, how I learned how I got interested in this. So it's not the most important message, but it's occasionally a piece of the puzzle to give people a sense of who I am.

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