Joel Osteen

2 minutes
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The television feature in America and seen throughout the world who has the largest audience these days, the greatest buzz, most talked about and who generates the most money is Joel Osteen. He's head of a mega church in Houston, Texas. And his broadcasts have huge huge followings bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars. So how did this happen? Is he a guy who went to the most prestigious seminary? Does he have a doctor in divinity?

Now, is this a guy who was just born to be a preacher and was preaching since age four, like the Reverend Al Sharpton? No. This is a guy who did grow up in a church. His father had a church, but was very shy, retiring he was the guy who sort of hidden the back of the room, playing with a video cameras. He went to college studied audio video. do stuff quit, didn't really have a lot of direction in his life.

But then one day, his father was a minister but yours died. Next thing you know, he's filling in, and little awkward at first, but it gets more comfortable and more comfortable and he builds and builds and builds, and he develops a particular style. Now, I recommend to all of my clients doesn't matter what religion they're belong to, it doesn't matter. They believe in God or not. Watch Joel olsteen because every single sermon he delivers is almost a textbook example of good public speaking. He focuses on one point, he tells a story, the story has a setting, it has characters it has dialogue and has a problem has emotion.

It has a resolution when he's speaking to people. He's not speaking to the 40,000 people in the room today in mind Fellow believe he talks about he's talking to one friend. He's not talking down to you the way many ministers do from the pulpit looking down at the laity. He talks he's talking to one friend over the kitchen table. So he's not grading doesn't we're debt doesn't feel like pounding the way some preachers and some speakers do. It's conversational.

He moves around. Now he does use notes. He has a lectern, but he's not wedded to it. He's not touching it. He's not standing behind it. So you want a masterclass on how to speak especially speaking with new material every week.

Look at the clip below, post your comments in the q&a section.

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