Fidel Castro

2 minutes
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Fidel Castro was certainly one of the most powerful riveting speakers of the second half of the 20th century. He is really known for how long some of his speeches were once gave a speech. For more than seven hours, he once spoke for four and a half hours just at the United Nations. Now, you have to have a tremendous, tremendous passion for public speaking for communicating to speak for seven hours now. I'm not suggesting to you that he should be your role model as far as now give seven hours speeches, that isn't going to work. Most of the time for most people, in fact, I would say it rarely works.

But again, we're not here to talk about politics and dictatorship and right wing and left wing in America. We're not here to talk about the politics. So I don't want to think I'm endorsing anyone here in this particular section, of course, but Fidel Castro speaking did serve him well. Now. People think of him as well. He could speak for seven hours because if you're a dictator, you can control what people do.

They don't like it or pay attention and you lock them up. But they forget. When Castro rose to power, he didn't have the state behind it. He didn't have great wealth behind him. He didn't have many assets at all. But he did have his charisma.

He did have his ability to speak to his fellow revolutionaries. He had his ability to speak and build a following and the countryside of Cuba and to foment revolution. That takes the ultimate in presentation skills, if you can convince people to turn against their own government to revolt, to risk their own lives for cause. You do not do that unless you are a great communicator. So Fidel Castro, whatever other flaws that were There were many. He was a fantastic, powerful communicator.

Now, you can look at parts of this clip I'm going to show you and others and see him yelling and screaming almost seem like a madman. You may think how could anyone fall for that? It's a different experience. If you're there in a crowd watching it and you're seeing it from a distance, even if when you are watching it on video, the passion comes through the sense that he really, really believes this come through. And for some people, that's infectious. Take a look.

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