Your Body Language Partner - The Friendly Spotter

1 minutes
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You need a spotter. You've seen this in the gym, someone is struggling to benchpress 400 pounds, they have someone standing over them in case it falls down on them and they're choking. You need the same thing when it comes to your body language in your workplace. Create a strategic alliance with someone could be someone hired the same day as you or someone you just are friendly with. Could be a boss or an underlying. But someone you trust to tell you like it is.

You don't want to stand up and give a presentation in front of a bunch of important new clients and you have spinach in your teeth. You want someone to tell you if you're standing up to give a presentation or a speech or talk, you want someone to tell you, Hey, your shirt fell out. It's not tucked in or part of your jacket is sticking up. I know. There have been times when I given a keynote and I had the wireless microphone on the microphone. was causing the flap of my jacket to stand up like I had a tail.

Thankfully, I had a colleague there who said, TJ looks like you have a tail, do something. And you want someone giving you kind of a once over before you're giving any kind of important presentation, talk, speech or even just showing up an important networking event. It could be an important black tie event in your industry at a conference and you don't realize you know, one of your buttons is off or missing. You want someone to tell you that so that people are not looking at the whole time. So my advice, find a buddy if you don't have one. Inside your place of work, make sure you have a family member who can really scrutinize you before you leave home.

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