Defining Your Exact Problems

5 minutes
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So now we're getting somewhere, we're getting your feedback and feedback from others. And I want to put the feedback in roughly three possible categories. It may be that you and your colleagues say, Wow, your voice is so awful. So grading so irritating that the second people hear it, they want to run to the nearest window and jump off the window. I hope that doesn't happen. But that could in theory happen if that's the situation, I will be honest with you, I can't really help you.

You need to go to a speech therapist, someone who is highly qualified in every aspect of vocal performance who can help you and I'm happy to give you a full money back on this course that you've purchased. So I wish you well, but if that's the situation, both you and other people are telling you, your voice is just so beyond the pale cringe worthy. There's so many problems, then you do need a speech therapist. Now in my experience in the 10s of thousands of people I've worked with for 30 years, I've only had one client who really had a genuinely irritating voice. And it frankly wasn't more irritating than ben stein or Fran Drescher, and they make 10s of billions of dollars with their voice. So that's the first category.

Again, if that's you, we wish you well but we will say goodbye now. The next category is where both you and your friends listening to you have given you similar feedback and that your voice seems a bit emotionless, bland, flat, monotone, hesitant, if those are problems. Those are very fixable problems. And I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. Now. The third category of feedback that is very common in these situations is that your criticism involves all of those things and others.

But your colleagues, your friends, your family who listened to you said, Your voice is fine. Never thought about one way or the other. If that's the case, I have to say, you don't really have a problem with your voice other than you need to get used to it. So your solution is to simply record yourself more whether on YouTube videos on your cell phones, listen to your voice more, and you'll simply get used to it. It won't seem alien, and strange. Now, keep in mind, there are only three types of voices that people have.

There's the top point oh 1% of people whose voices are so magical. So inviting, so different. They are unique. There's so memorable. There are some people like that their voices are so great. They roll out of bed at noon.

Go record a voiceover for a commercial get their million dollar check, go home, go back to bed at 1pm. I don't have a voice like that. Chances are you don't have a voice like that. Very few people have that that's extraordinarily rare. It's a gift. And it's also something people work on.

But that's extremely rare. There's also the bottom point, oh 1%. I'm using these statistics roughly approximations, but you get my drift. There's the very, very bottom of people with voices. It's so awful. It's so irritating.

It's so grating that people want to jump out of the window. Now, if you've listened this far, we've already eliminated you from that category. Now there's everyone else in between which by my estimate is more than 90 90% of people in the And their voices, where their voice isn't so great that people pay the money for it. And it's not awful that people run out of the room. They're just average voices. Nothing wrong with that.

That's what I have. So if that's what you have, if we can breathe a sigh of relief, we can get a little more relaxed and comfortable. Sure, there are things we can do to make it sound even better. And I'm going to give you those techniques. But let's have an honest assessment of where we are in this spectrum. I firmly believe based on statistical probability, that you're like me in that middle 99% of people not fantastic beyond belief and not awful, beyond belief.

So I need you to make this determination though. Now, you of course may still see problems with your voice. It may seem flat. may seem too tentative, too soft. Those are easy things to change, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do it next

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