Rachel Ray

2 minutes
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Rachael rays and American talk show host. She's an author. She gives people quick tips on how to cook meals in less than 30 minutes. She's had her own cooking shows, daytime talk shows. She's a lifestyle brand ambassador. She is everywhere.

And never really run a successful restaurant not really known as a great chef. But she is great at communicating her passion, helping people, helping them cook meals quickly briefly having a lifestyle they want. And here's what I think is fascinating about Rachael Ray, in part, she has kind of a scratchy, irritating voice, doesn't let it bother doesn't bother anyone else. When I'm in trainings. So often. The first thing people comment on after I've recorded them first ask them to look at themselves.

Judge their own videos, they tell me they don't like their own voice. And yet every client I've ever had has a voice as good or better than Rachael Ray and Rachael Ray is wildly successful in terms of reach, influence, impact and wealth by speaking, so I hope when you watch your video, it does allow you to put in perspective any qualms you have about your own voice. But Rachael Ray does is she communicates in an authentic way. She just seems like the girlfriend down the street, your sister's friend, your person you grew up with, she doesn't put on fancy air. She doesn't seem pretentious. She doesn't act like she's the world's greatest chef at a fancy Michelin four star French restaurant.

She's giving you tips on how you can live your life effectively make quick meals. Enjoy life now. She's into furniture, everything else She always has a big smile on her face. She exudes a certain joy, a certain fun that comes out. People just want to hang out with her. So when you are coming up with your own presentation doesn't matter if it's the driest, most boring budget issues for your work.

You do need to think about how can you exude the sense that you're a fun person that someone should want to listen to you and enjoy themselves and not think, how do I get out of here at this meeting? I don't get away. Or how can I start sending messages on my cell phone you want to exude this sense that you're fun. Nice. likeable. Take a look at the video, comment on anything else you notice that you think she does well as a communicator, but also the things you don't like.

Put that in the q&a section.

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