Don't Forget, You Are a Natural Storyteller

2 minutes
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This course is about teaching you how to be a good storyteller and a better storyteller. But don't forget. All human beings are storytellers. That's how we communicate. If you bumped into a friend on Monday morning at the office or at a cafe, how was your weekend? They typically don't respond the way someone gives a PowerPoint speech.

They don't say, Well, at 6am Saturday morning, I woke up at 602. I went to the bathroom at 603. I turned the coffee pot on at six. That's not how people actually talk. Typically, someone might say, I had the worst Saturday afternoon I got a flat tire the way to the mall. This guy stopped.

I thought he was there to help and he wanted me to pay him $50 I said, Absolutely. We tell stories. That's what human beings do. And the challenge for most people is not that they have to learn a whole new way of telling stories is it that they have to learn to stop turning off the story button. we tell ourselves are now giving a serious speech or a serious presentation. So I have to take all my good stories, throw them in the trash can, because they got to go through all the data.

That's not what great speakers do. You've got to be more selective on the data you're going to present and you get to use a story for each one in the same way. Your friend isn't going to tell you about every second of the day for the weekend. When you say how was your weekend when some business prospect or colleague says Tell me what's happened interesting in your business or in your division for the last quarter, they don't expect to be told sales data every single hour for the last quarter. You got to focus on the most interesting story for your audience.

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