A Complete and Total Meltdown

5 minutes
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I was conducting a media training in the Wall Street area of Manhattan, lower Manhattan a few years back. And it was with a software executive major software company based in Texas. There was a PR representative who worked for the company worked inside in house. They're also the outside PR counsel was there. So the four of us are in this room conducting the media training. And I remember asking the executive Jim a couple of questions, we did the practice, fine.

And while he was off, in the bathroom getting ready, I told the other PR people, let's all ask questions. And after a while, let's ask some tougher questions. We want to make sure he's actually ready for tough interviews he could face on CNBC, the today show elsewhere. So we agreed we were gonna ask the tough questions. I asked the tough question or two when he came back. Then the outside PR counsel asked a question I didn't even think was particularly Hard.

Jim turns to her and start screaming at her. He's cursing. Oh, are you? You're crazy. You're Eddie. How dare you.

You're so disrespect. He just completely had a meltdown. He went ballistic. It was in Bera Singh for everyone. I thought about do I defend this woman and let him abuse I didn't really know what to do to this day. I don't know if I did the right thing.

I just walked out of the room, let people cool down. It was captured on video. And I of course, gave the footage to the clients as I always do. What happened there now I understand the the person train at night, slaps jetlag, whatever. I don't know, but there's no excuse for being abusive to people doesn't matter if their media doesn't matter if they to reporters doesn't matter if they work for you, with you in house outside. Every presentation you give is being watched by people whether it's on TV or not.

Whether the whole world can see it, whether it gets on the internet, if you're talking and you're not talking alone and there's no recording, it is a presentation. People remember, especially if you're obnoxious, or abusive. This particular software executive was slated to be a star. He was going to be sort of the poster child for a new product for this company and presented his media major talk shows all over the country after this outburst, everything canceled. I wasn't fired. But all of this talk show appearances canceled huge waste of time, resources.

Energy money for the company but it was deemed just too risky to put someone like that out in front of the media and that was a wise call. It was too risky. That's why you got to realize when you're speaking to people, whether it's a speech, a presentation, a job interview, or a media interview. No one wants to see you have a complete meltdown. Say that for your therapist if you need to, but you've got to treat people professionally at all times there can and will be repercussions to your career if you don't. So what do I tell that story?

The main reason is, I want people to act professional and polite. In any presentation, they get to the media practice session, a talk with customers, clients, prospects, or even angry customer you got to be polite to people because when you do lose your temper, it's So interesting people will remember it and talk about it years later. I said that happened a couple of years ago, maybe it was more like six or seven years ago and I still remember it. That's the problem with these outbursts of anger. I'm not saying you have to be bland, boring, never show emotion. But if you show anger to people, and it seems inappropriate, that's something they will not forget.

Now, the other reason, the other message from this one people realize, I've been through every kind of experience with every type of client. So sometimes I'm in the audience talking about my business. I want PR people, directors of communication, senior executives, at companies we're thinking about do we bring a guy like TJ and I want them to feel comfortable knowing I've experienced every type of personality, every type of problem, every profile of executive and know how to handle it.

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