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2 minutes
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The next big test for your story. After you've recorded that video, and you like it, what I'd recommend is you email it to colleagues. Anyone who is similar to the audience you'll ultimately be speaking to and sharing this story with, I would email it to colleagues, maybe even post it on Facebook. Post it on YouTube, share it with people. Certainly you're in this class, you can post videos right here, I'll give you feedback. But here's the thing you don't want to ask people.

What do you think they're gonna tell you? Oh, you're great. You're wonderful. You're fantastic. completely worthless information. You want to ask people, what do you remember?

That's the next big question. What do you remember? If they just say, Well, you know, you were compelling and comfortable and confident that means they didn't remember anything. People can lie to you and tell you they think they were your great Even if they didn't, but they can't lie to you and tell you they remember the actual content of your presentation or your story if they didn't remember it. It's not possible for them to do that. So that's the next thing you want to do when you're testing is ask people.

What do they remember? Now, what you want to figure out is not only do they remember your story, but did they remember the exact message you were hoping that they would take away from this story. Sometimes people will remember your message, or their you'll remember your story, but they won't remember your message. Well, that's no good. We don't want them to simply remember our story. We want them to remember the message that was embedded in that story.

So that's the next test. When you're emailing it to friends, colleagues, business associates, perhaps even family members. Are they remembering the story and the message that's the next Big test

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