Don't Seem Like You Are Trying Too Hard

1 minutes
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All righty. Let me tell you a story. This is really funny. You're gonna love it. Rule number one when you want to be funny, Don't try too hard. If you seem like you're trying really hard to be funny, then it's generally not funny.

Don't seem like you're trying Also, my advice, you're going to tell a joke. Tell something funny. Don't tell anybody you're telling a joke or that you're telling something that you think is funny. Just tell it. The second you tell the audience, let me tell you a joke or let me tell you a funny story. Several things happen.

For starters, you've stopped saying interesting stuff. You're now talking about the process which no one cares about. Next, people's expectations go way up. Even if they like you, even if they're on your side. There's a part of them saying well, he says it's a funny story. I'll be the judge of That their standards are going to go way up.

So even if it is funny, they're kind of waiting for it and expecting it. So you've eliminated the element of surprise. And even if you get a little chocolates, kind of like you're not going to get the same impact, as if you just said what you're going to say in a Cadillac. So my recommendation is use humor. Try to be funny occasionally, even if you want to tell a joke. But don't ever tell your audience.

You're trying to be funny or that you're going to tell them a funny story or that you're going to tell them a joke. Guess what? They'll figure it out. And if they didn't get a laugh, you can just act like you were telling a story that wasn't trying to be funny, because you didn't set the expectations up in the first place.

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