Robin Williams

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Comedian Robin Williams was a mainstay on American television sitcoms talk shows the stand up world from the 1970s until his death in 2014. Many people including myself marveled at his ability to just seemingly be so spontaneous on a talk show, whether it's night show anything else go into so many different voices, riffs, different directions zigging and zagging and make it all seem like it just happened to him. Well, here's the thing. None of that was spontaneous. It was all rehearsed in front of live audiences quite often, small comedy clubs for weeks at a time. In order to seem spontaneous.

It might be the product of hours and hours and hours of work over weeks. I'm a little reluctant to use famous comedian sometimes it's public speaking experts because it is so much more work to be a great comedian than it is in my view, to be Simply a great presenter, communicator, public speaker, but it's still interesting and fun to watch the Masters to see how they're able to get last room audience how they're able to create change with their voice, their body, their face, their eye, their height, everything about them is changing when they're communicating. That's why I urge you to look at the clip. I'm not expecting you to be as funny as Robin Williams or any professional comedian when you're giving your next PowerPoint presentation. But I do want you to look at and study the sheer amount of variation in speed, tone, volume, body position, hand motion, face motion, take a look and comment in the q&a section.

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