QuickBooks Online-Bookkeeping Business: Easy Way

Learn about the easy cash-based bookkeeping methods and how to apply them to small businesses from a practicing CPA, CGMA, CPI, with B.S.Tax.

QuickBooks Online-Bookkeeping Business: Easy Way

Learn about the easy cash-based bookkeeping methods and how to apply them to small businesses from a practicing CPA, CGMA, CPI, with B.S.Tax.
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About the Class

QuickBooks bookkeeping business course is designed for bookkeepers focusing on small business clients.

This course is also useful for small business owners who want a simple system for entering financial data into QuickBooks for financial planning and year-end tax preparation.

What will you learn in this course?

The bookkeeping system we discuss will also describe the relationship between the bookkeeper, the business, and the year-end tax and financial statement preparers. We will outline a cash basis bookkeeping system using QuickBooks, a system that will enter most transactions directly into the check register. We will work through a sample bookkeeping project in QuickBooks, including the setting up of a new QuickBooks company file.

The course will practice entering data into the QuickBooks register directly from a bank statement. We will provide practice bank statements to use with the project as well as step by step instructional videos.

As we enter data directly into the check register from the bank statement, we will compare and contrast the cash basis system we are using to a full accounting cycle system. We will also review the financial statements periodically to see how QuickBooks is using the data to make reports.

After entering data into the QuickBooks check register from the bank statement, we will perform bank reconciliations. As we perform bank reconciliations, we will discuss what a bank reconciliation is and the benefits a bank reconciliation provides.

The course will then discuss options for entering specific accounting data into QuickBooks, including payroll, equipment, loan payments, insurance, credit card payments, and invoices. We will provide practice QuickBooks files for different options related to the items listed above and explore the pros and cons of each option. The bookkeeping options will help tailor our system to our specific bookkeeping needs.

As we enter accounting data into the system, we will discuss common questions we will have when entering the first few months of data. And also, how to write down these questions, move forward with data input, and organize the financial data so that we can quickly go back to it once our client questions are answered.

This course will discuss, print, and export month-end and year-end reports report a bookkeeper may provide to clients monthly and reports the business will need at year-end for tax preparation.

We will discuss year-end adjusting entries. The bookkeeping system we propose will depend on an outside accounting firm, tax preparer, or CPA firm to help with the year-end adjusting entries. As bookkeepers, we want to be aware of the adjusting entry process so we can work with any year-end accounting firm, tax preparer, or CPA firm. We will enter common adjusting entries into an adjusting entry excel worksheet and Quickbooks.

The course will then compare and contrast our different bookkeeping methods and show how those different bookkeeping decisions reconcile to the same numbers after the adjusting entry process.

Finally, we will discuss whether or not to enter the year-end adjusting entries into our QuickBooks bookkeeping system and different options to do so.

Who should take this course?

  • Bookkeepers who want to design a bookkeeping business using QuickBooks
  • Small business owners who want a simple system to enter data into QuickBooks to help year-end tax preparation and regulatory needs
  • Small business owners who wish to learn how best to work with a bookkeeper and or year-end accounting firm and tax preparer
  • Students who want to understand bookkeeping from a practical perspective


Robert Bob Steele Cpa Cgma M S Tax Cpi Has A Account

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) CGMA M.S.tax CPI
Through working with students from many different schools, Mr. Steele has learned best practices for helping people understand accounting fast. Learning new skills and finding the best way to share knowledge with people who can benefit from it is a passion of his. Mr. Steele has experience working as a practicing Certified Public Accountant...


Robert Bob Steele Cpa Cgma M S Tax Cpi Has A Account's School


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Office Productivity, Auditing, Financial Reporting, QuickBooks, Bookkeeping
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 14 hours 47 minutes
106 Videos
18 Documents
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