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Are you looking for a course that not only gives you knowledge but gives an action plan to succeed? Then, read on. From my experience of coaching business owners since 2012, I can confidently tell you, with case studies, that business success is depending on three main factors;

  • Market-space
  • Money-space
  • Mind-space

8 out of 10 businesses fail due to market space. There are mainly three aspects to this viz. market, marketing, and product.  Hardly any business fails due to market reasons but due to marketing and product-related issues. However, interestingly the ultimate source of these reasons, unfortunately, lies in the mind space of the business owner, It is the reality. Hence, businesses that are good in the market fail, those that have enough money fail, those who have committed staff fails, those who are good operations fail, and even those who are good in sales fail.

Don't you think that this is an important area to be looked into and transformed? Or do you want to prepare for failing by ignoring this aspect? I know you are not, as you never started your business for failing. 

Instead of planning to fail unknowingly, how about creating an action plan to succeed? Prepare yourself completely so that there is no room for failure. This is exactly what you are going to deal with and take into your control. This is the objective of this course. How it would be for you when you feel that you can succeed and grow your business irrespective of the market, marketing, money, etc. What would be possible when you become that? Your journey starts now to achieve that. 


Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat

Business Yogi Results Coach
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Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, the Business Mentor, International Author, Speaker, and an ICF Certified Coach from Bangalore, India is known for his popular Brand BUSINESS YOGI® He is also known for his Amazon #1 Bestseller "Business Yogi No Business Fails!" He is the recipient of Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership & Coaching with a...


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Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Skills: Marketing, Planning, Business, Business Success
Age groups: 35-44 years
Certificate: On completion
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