Introduction to SQL Server and Databases

4 minutes
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Welcome to this exciting journey, Introduction to SQL Server 2017. I'm Trevor Williams and it is my pleasure to be sharing this knowledge with you. For this video, we'll just be taking a very, very lightweight and high level overview of what SQL Server is. And databases what data is and how we can go about appreciating why this knowledge is going to be necessary moving forward. Now, firstly, we need to assess what is data and what is a database. In simple words, the effect can be facts related to an object, but in more practical terms, data can be anything that relates to someone or some thing.

So my name my first name for vor. My last name Williams, those are bits of data about me, which would be the object in this scenario or you have a fall. What is it Color, it's black. Those are bits of data relating to the object which is a phone. So data collectively describes an object. And then by extension, a database is a systematic collection of this data.

And a database allows us to store this data and manipulate it you know, if you need to change something about some some object, then the database is where you go to make these modifications. And as a result, our database is supposed to make the management of this data stuff easy. Now that brings us to what SQL Server is and how it helps us with databases. Now SQL Server is a relational database management system, or for short, our DBMS database management system, or DBMS is a program which enables us the users to access manipulate and represent data However we want. So in other words, the DBMS is our portal into this database, allowing us the users to manipulate and access data at will. But no SQL Server comes in a few additions.

And they are listed there we have Express, which is free. It's really lightweight. It's for you know, quick development quick projects, you just install it, and you're off the ground quickly. And that's the one we'll be using for the rest of this course. We also have the Developer Edition, which is a fully featured Enterprise Edition. But the license is really only for testing and development.

So you shouldn't be going into production without developer license. All right, and then standard and enterprise are really more suited for large corporations with huge and copious amounts of data. And they really need a structured way to store it so that the different parts of their business can benefit. Now we explore what is SQL now SQL is a standard language that allows us to talk to the database. The abbreviation is really short for Structured Query Language. And below I have some examples of what this language may look like.

Whatever is in all caps is actually syntax relating to the language and whatever is not in all jobs is relating to the database itself. So in other words, we have, well database or tables, parts of the database. So customers is a table in our database. And then we can see where we're seeing select star or asterisk from customers, meaning we want all records from customers. No, this is just a primer, do not panic or anything. We're going to get into detail and we have a lot of activities coming up where we will actually delve into the language into databases, and we will get a clean and clear understanding of how SQL Server 2017 will help us To manage our database is even better.

So stick around the next video we will go about installing and setting up our server

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