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About the Class

"I have no idea what I'm doing."

I knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist and I knew I needed an apprenticeship but I had no idea how to get there. I didn't know what I didn't know. How do I get my art ready to tattoo? What kind of art will get me an apprenticeship? What other skills do I need? I am good at art, but I just can't seem to get an apprenticeship. What the heck is wrong?

Sound familiar?

It took me 2 years to get my apprenticeship and when I finally got it, I still had no idea what I was doing. It took me another 6 years, training other apprentices, and working on my own tattoo art to finally figure it all out. There is a ton of information on tattooing, tattooing art, and how to get an apprenticeship but most of it is just crap. How exactly are you supposed to have all this figured out and have a killer portfolio before you ever even get an apprenticeship? Good question.

I am here to change the game.

I want to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in getting your apprenticeship. I want you to be confident in your art, in your understanding of the industry, in your knowledge of the business side of tattooing and apprenticeships, and to give you the skills and tools you need in order to kill it as a tattoo artist.

Are all here. All that is missing is you invest in yourself. Let's do this thing. This course takes you there.


What will you learn in this course?

  • You will learn everything you needed to know to get an apprenticeship
  • You will learn all the info and personal training at only a fraction of the price
  • You will learn to invest in your art
  • You will learn to make your dream of tattooing a reality
  • You will learn about the info, the blueprint, the tools, techniques, and skills

This course is not meant to be a beginning art class. Instead, it is a class meant to teach you the skills, techniques, and tools needed to make the art you are already doing and turn it into awesome tattoo designs. That said, you don't need to be the best artist in the world to take this class. I definitely wasn't when I started out You just need a passion for drawing and a motivation to learn. Is that you? Let's do this.


Caleb Knobel

Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Studio Owner, Tattoo Apprenticeship Mentor
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Hello! My name is Caleb. I'm a full time tattoo artist and have been for the last 7 years, I own a tattoo studio in Colorado, and I've been a mentor to 6 apprentices. When I started out, I was right where you are. I knew I wanted to do tattoos, but I had no idea how to get there. I knew I needed an apprenticeship, but I didn't have a clear path...

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 6 hours 3 minutes
32 Videos
2 Documents
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