Activities That Add Excitement and Sizzle To Your Sessions

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Let's be honest. The brutal truth is that your audience members usually don't remember very much of what you say to them.

They do, however, remember a lot of what they did. That's how our memory works - through experiences and visuals.

So when you add activities to your sessions, you give your participants memorable experiences - and that's an excellent way to increase the chances of making a long-term impact on your audiences.

Some activities help your attendees process and integrate the information you're sharing with them. Others work as energizers, get-to-know-you exercises, or review exercises. I have personally used every activity you'll find in this section - and have taught them to thousands of presenters, trainers, and subject matter experts. 

Some of the activities can be used as-is. For others, you'll need to swap out the content and put it on your own. Enjoy.

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