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Alright, everyone, so in this video over on yellow pages, obviously Yellow Pages, you know, it was big back in the day when it was, you know, people physically got a book. And you know, that was kind of like the thing for businesses back in the day that was Google for businesses back in the day. Now, you know, Yellow Pages, I guess, is still pretty big. But I honestly don't think a lot of people put a lot of weight on it. I mean, if I were to go look for a service, like a painter, you know, I'm not even going to think to myself to go to yellow pages. I'm just going to type it into Google.

And I guarantee that's probably what you know a ton of people are doing these days, even people that are probably huge on the yellow pages, and were fond of it for years. I'm sure a lot of these people will just go to Google and type in what they're looking for, or another search engine like Yahoo or Bing, they're not going to go to yellow pages and just type in the actual business. Now, I know some people do do that, but it's probably very limited in comparison. So what I kind of want To show you was giving an idea of how Yellow Pages does things and how you can take advantage of this for yourself. If you look here, there's all these little yellow ads. So these are people that are actually paying to be up here in these ad spots.

As I scroll down, you'll see like, almost the first like, God, how many 12345678 people are paying to be in that spot. And then there's people over here on the on the right Adam landscaping, you know, tear escapes landscape design, so there's always people paying New England tree, you know, they're paying money to be in those spots. Now, now, as we get here, Adam landscaping, he's like number one, I believe most of these people will actually pay I want to say it starts around like $200 a month, and then it goes as high as maybe like three 400 500 whatever sky's the limit, I'm sure with them. And it all depends like this guy Adam. He's here. But he's nowhere up in these ads.

He's paying for this ad on the right. But he's not, you know, he's kind of showing up twice. I guess like he's here on the right and then this first spot, and I talked to a business owner who is actually the landscaper. Here he is here. This guy see parks. He's really good guys got Chris.

But I mean, look how far down he is. I mean, how long would it take me to actually call him in fact, here he is to again on the right in the ads. He's saying a lot of money a month to be there. And they were telling him that you know, they guaranteed blah, blah, blah, get higher in Google and yada yada yada and all this other stuff. And, you know, it's kind of bad is like if I go on Bing, but I'm gonna go to Google. I type in landscaper I know he's been sending in over.

Let's see and over move the screen over a little So you know what he's doing really well I didn't realize this but he's actually showing up now I did some work for this guy built him like a ton of citations. I haven't checked this a long time. But if there was, I think when I first started working with him, he wasn't anywhere near this. In fact, I don't even think he had a business profile. So that was a huge advantage. You know, this guy paid me $200 to go out there and create this business profile.

I haven't checked this in a while so I guess I'm kind of glad to see him doing this live. There he is ranking for landscaper and over and that's where he lives. So generally, you know, like this guy always green he you know, he's an Everett so he's not gonna show up if I type in landscaper. Everett, you know, let's try that actually. For I don't know if I even spelled it right. All right.

Yeah, I did. So what do we have here? Let's see if that guy's even here. Always green landscaping. If I go back here I don't see him. Mass GTA Mike's Alpine jns?

Garrick, Santo, suburban landscape. Mass, blah, blah, blah. You know, like how so now like you see, like, they pulled this up here Now, this is a specific search for Everett, landscaping lawn services ever mass. move this up so you can see it. It's at the top. I go down.

Now he's the number one spot, but he still has all these ads. I mean, honestly, if I were to try to find this guy's business, I'd have to go through all these guys. I mean, this guy, not the best ratings them at least I got some of these other guys they have one review missing something here is this guy like maybe somewhere I'm just not seeing him always green landscaping. Always green landscape. I'm not seeing him. So I'm not going crazy here.

How difficult would it be? I mean, if I was legitimately looking looking for services and Everett, mass, let's say I lived there. The autocorrect came in here. Yeah, so Yellow Pages has an ad that's running against Google AdWords. So that's one way that someone could pick it up. I feel like most people just coherently sort of ignore.

Oh, here's what's interesting. Landscape maintenance, always green Boston mess. They're paying money to AdWords. So between Yellow Pages, and paying for AdWords, these guys are probably paying a lot of money. This is a super good client, I might even call them after I go off after I stopped recording this. This video.

I might even call this company and find out what they're doing. I'm not gonna be a prick here. And Click on his ad because I don't want him paying money. Put the URL in wrong. He's a pretty simple website. Not much to it.

This is almost like masonry services for the Greater Boston like, someone clearly was trying to SEO, this landscaping landscaping company landscaping services, like they're clearly putting some work in, and it's not working. I mean, and this, it even says here at the bottom, you can't see it, but Copyright 2015. So someone just did this. And I wouldn't be surprised if you notice there's no logo or anything. It's kind of just a very bland, minimalistic site. It's not very interesting.

No content here. I mean, he's got all these services, but there's no pages for all these services. So this is a great lead. I mean, this guy, he's paying a lot of money. He could be paying four or $500 a month to do AdWords and Yellow Pages combined and I honestly still probably wouldn't find him. I mean, maybe I would have clicked on this link on the right but honestly, I probably would have tried this guy Mike or maybe this guy jns or Carrick, I would have tried all those guys first.

That's me. That's honestly what I would have done. I might have even called MHS or GTA just to try them out and still maybe you know, but I'm not gonna go to yellow pages. I'm not going to scroll all the way down to one I'm probably still I call this guy pride. Yeah, there's pride again. So I might call pride first.

Or you know, Scott's lawn service there there on the right there. New England tree you know, like, they don't really might not do landscaping but you get the idea. I hope this is huge. I think obviously you saw the time it took me to do that does take a little bit more manual work, but I'll be honest with you, my one of my first clients, it was a plumber. I went on I found out you know, I think I I don't He's showing up now, but if I type in, plumber, so I'm typing plumber. I haven't done a lot for SEO with this guy.

He's not showing up in like the top, top seven here. But basically what I did was some plumbing search and I saw an ad word at the bottom. And the copy he was using, like the copywriting. He was kind of using in this ad he had like, lower lowercase, like letters and stuff, and it just looked really crappy. So I call them up and I was like, you know, just real generic and ended up talking to him. And I literally told him I mean, the guy went on a rant because he sounded like he was really struggling to get more business for himself and it's really hurting and I needed some work done.

So he ended up I offered him a free website. He found out he already had a website actually wasn't bad, but the company that built it for him would not give him access to his own WordPress dashboard for some reason, because they didn't want him going in and like messing stuff up. And they weren't doing crap for him. I mean, it was literally just terrible with this company was doing and they charge them, you know, two or $300 to build the site didn't look bad, but I mean, then you pay someone for a website, and they won't even let you go into your own website. That just doesn't make any sense to me. So I ended up offering the guy a free website, and he came over my house, he fixed the incinerator in my house.

I mentioned this in another video and then I ended up doing a website forum, which looks awesome, by the way. I'll show it to you. I know I'm getting carried away here with I know it's a little off here, but I just want to share how important this is. I built this guy's website, I put some time into it. It's a really nice site. You know, it's got his pictures there is all these testimonials is Angela super service and I set up as Google page his business profile.

I put like a lot of hours Do this. And he was so happy with it. He ended up doing even more work in my house fixing some more stuff in the house installing this, like, you know, it's like a $50 thing. He did the labor for free to install in my basement. And then he he paid me I think like 700 bucks, and the guy told me he didn't have money, and now he's starting to show up like he didn't want to do a lot of SEO work so I haven't really gone to like go rank him or anything. If I type in his business name, you can see now he's got six reviews, his profile showing up all these people giving them good reviews on Yelp.

You know, and I kind of optimized like his main page here and all by like, he's looking a lot better, I guess in that regard. And he's been getting a lot more business. He's telling me but I think he could do better. I'm trying to get them into an SEO contract. But that was someone I found through like, just doing kind of like the generic searches when I was digging through some of this Yellow Page stuff, I think it was, when I was doing this research, I saw that and you know, he was paying, I think $200 a month for that. So I know I've gone a little astray from Yellow Pages, but that's kind of stuff that you kind of have to look out with if you're doing this manual research.

Yeah, it's really time consuming, but I mean, I just found that really good lead that I might call because they're clearly they're paying a lot of money, they're willing to spend money. That means they're probably interested in the idea of spending some money on SEO. So take advantage of it. Look for kind of loopholes like that. And another thing I recommend his look in your in your local area first because if you are at all willing to meet up with people, it definitely is a huge advantage and you're going to have, you know, build a lot of relationships that way in a better way. Honestly.

Start in your local area and then expand from there. Talk to you later.

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