Cold Calling for SEO Leads

6 minutes
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Alright, so in this video, I wanted to talk about cold calling. And, you know, this is kind of, you know, one way of getting leads, that's definitely sort of tough. It's really all dependent on you. And I think it's sort of a necessity. I mean, eventually you got to go on the phone with people and talk to them and figure out what their needs are. And going from there.

I'll kind of share some tactics that I've used, and things that have worked for me. I've really had hit or miss results. I mean, what I did was I used the tool, which I'm going to be showing you in another video. I'll maybe show you briefly now. But you know what I'm going to do in another video, I'm going to show you the tool that I use to get the leads but basically, what I've been doing is with cold calling, I first thought of you know, how can I kind of reverse the roles I suppose he can't do this in every case. You know, I've got in my house right now.

There's all kinds of services that I might be able to do, I'll give you a great example. There's really, it's not gonna be that big of a deal. If I go calling a bunch of companies and asking them for quotes on getting some work done in my house for painting, let's say, you know, like, maybe I want my bedroom in my house painted a different color, and I don't have time to do it myself or I don't have the skills or whatever it is, you know, could be different for your scenario. What you could do is you could call people, essentially asking them about their service and get some information, maybe get a quote, you know, maybe even get them over to your house and have them take a look. I don't really recommend doing this if you're not really interested in the service, especially at the very least don't have them like coming to your house to give you like a quote on painting it or something like the painting of Rome if you don't have the intention of actually doing it.

But I found that it really kind of opens up like the trust barrier a little bit more when you've kind of got people in your in your sock, sort of You know, talking to them about what it is they have to offer, you know, really putting the court to them. So I'll give you an example I recently, well, actually, first of all, I'll go back to the painter example. So I actually happened to find a painter that I just left him a voicemail from a pure cold call. And he actually happened to get back to me and tell me he needed a new website. His website was really old, looked like it hadn't been updated since like the late 90s or something, you know, maybe even early 2000. And I ended up building him a new website.

And as of actually today, he came to my house twice in a row. guys still paid me I think it was about three or $400 to do some website design work for him. And he came by the house that he repainted my entire kitchen and had another employee here at the office and repainted the entire kitchen. And we're talking about doing some other work like he wants to set up a little Media Center for posting some videos and things like that through his house. So it's kind of like turned into more of a relationship. And, you know, he may even turn into like an SEO client where I, you know, I charge him a few hundred bucks a month and I start getting them results and getting a more business for himself.

So it all kind of goes hand in hand. Another thing that I've done is there's a tree in my my yard that I've been meaning to actually have removed, it's just in a really bad place, it's actually destroying a portion of my driveway because of where it is. And what I've been doing is calling like these tree companies asking for quotes, because I legitimately need that service. But then when I talk to them, I either try to barter maybe seeing if they're interested in some marketing services in exchange for essentially, you know, removing this tree, maybe even getting a discount. So you know, this is probably something more I would do if you're actually looking to have some services done. I even did one with a plumber I had him you know, he helped fix some stuff with our washer dryer he inserted This system that basically like helps with some of the pressure in the pipes.

You know, that was someone that he probably did a couple hundred dollars worth of work, you know, he even fixed like an incinerator we had that was broken, I had some stuff like stuck in it. And I thought I was gonna have to buy a new one for over $100. And he fixed it. And I still made I think well over $700 from this plumber by, you know, building a website for them and doing some other SEO work. So those are some great examples. I guess in general, when it comes to cold calling, what I'm usually doing is I'll go out and basically make a list and I have Skype installed.

So I've paid for a Skype subscription, which is I think, like seven or eight bucks a month. It's very cheap, really reasonable. And I'll basically take numbers and go and just dial really quickly. There's some tools I'm going to show you they're going to make your life a little bit easier in that regard. And some things it's kind of up to you and what you decide you want to use or try out But there are ways to make this a little bit faster, you know, even one that Oh, like leave voicemails for you and stuff to help speed up your, your cold calling efforts. But I highly recommend setting up a CRM, this is something I didn't do it first.

And I'm actually now just getting into it. But I'm using a system called nutshell, which I believe I mentioned one of the other videos. And I'm going to start importing contacts that I'm going to be getting from some of these tools that I'm going to show you. And this will allow me to kind of see how I'm progressing. Like, you know what my close rate is, and maybe like, how many people are interested how many people are not, you know, I'm probably going to get a lot of voicemails, a lot of people that are unavailable. It's going to be a mix of different things.

And it really all comes down to confidence. I guess, when it comes to actually talking with people, what I usually like to do is not necessarily tell them doing SEO, but tell them that I'm interested in helping them get leads from the internet. That's probably one of the best ways you can approach it. I can give you some scripts too as well. I'll try to include in In a text file, like some example script that you might be able to use, and that'll really kind of help you along the way with moving things along, when it comes to actually speaking with people over the phone. I know some people, you know, you might have like a stutter problem, or this really might be kind of an issue for you.

And that might be something where you could just decide, okay, well, I'm gonna focus on these other methods. I'm going to work on Freelancer or, you know, Elance, or oDesk, or any of these other freelancing sites where maybe you could, instead of getting on the phone with people, you could at least get things moving through email, and then once you get on the phone, you're not just blindly doing these cold calls. So that's just something to think about. I guess I wanted to share my thoughts on that and that sort of tactic there with using the arbitrage, offering services. That's definitely a good way to kind of approach things from the start. All right, talk to you later.

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