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I discuss how I use Facebook to find some existing potential friends or family who might be interested in web design or SEO work. I also highly recommend talking to people who serve you! This might include your doctor or your car mechanic for example!


Alright guys, so in this video, I wanted to talk a little bit about Facebook and how you could use Facebook to potentially find some new SEO leads, or clients. You know, maybe you just looking for people to do website design, if that's something you're going to be offering as well. This was something I picked up in another course and I thought it'd be worth adding to here, I'm gonna probably sum it up a lot, I guess quicker than this other course explained it because it was kind of dragging on a little bit for something that's very simple to grasp. So really think of two things, you know, you've got your friends, people that you're probably close friends with, or maybe you know, your family like cousins or people that are in businesses, you know, if you really, really think about it, you know, um, I know here I've got this list up on the screen.

This is my cousin Shannon. She actually has like an art and I think it's like photography. No, I'm sorry. It's a makeup Like business that she runs where she does makeup for like, you know people that are going to be say doing like a wedding or something like that, like she'll do the makeup for all the all the people in the wallet girls in the wedding. So that's obviously a business that could use help with like local SEO Marketing or maybe she needs like a website design. So that's someone that if I reached out to her, you know, it's gonna be a lot a lot easier to kind of get myself in into start helping someone that, you know, I've literally known all my life, my cousin, then just going and like cold calling people that have never spoken with me in their life.

That's kind of, you know, the way I look at it that so what I started doing with this was, I opened up a Google Drive document. I'm going to show you an even better way to do this after, but I made a document called potential clients. And you know, I kind of went over to my Facebook and here's kind of like, you know, I've got about 1700 friends on my Facebook. I just started going through and, you know, like, here's my cousin Shannon. You know, went to her page and you know figure it out I don't know if it actually says it on hers but I go to like about you know it says your owner Channing Ravel, makeup artistry. So that's her business.

So, you know, I figured out like, just going through and figuring out like what different people are doing, you know, kind of manually looking through. Here's like another relative of mine Woody. If I look at his about page, you know, I can see he works at Vaughn, wood work consultants. So he also runs a business and he has a website. I even happen to look at his website and they look like it was built and God knows it's it's definitely been a while since it's been updated. So he is he a great person I could reach out to and say, Hey, do you need to you know, some help doing a new website and I'm not even sure if he's still running this business to be honest with you.

But you know, I thought it would definitely be worth you know, reaching out to people like this because I already have the rapport with them. I already have the relationships with them. It's gonna be a lot A lot easier to get myself in the door. I'd say probably the only tough thing with friends and family is that it's going to be a little more difficult to kind of probably get as much money out of them, you know, like, I feel almost bad charging some of these people like my cousin, you know, hundreds of dollars a month to do the services. You know, and some of them may not even have the money depending on the business they're in. I mean, a makeup business might not be thriving, where they, you know, they're not gonna be able to spend $1,000 a month on SEO.

But um, you know, there are some other places that might you know, like, I know here my friend James, he actually owns one of the biggest collocation like web hosting companies here in Boston mass and, you know, his business is thriving, like for him to spend some money on SEO, it's really not going to be a big deal. So that's definitely a way to kind of approach things. I also have a lot of fitness people on my by my friends list of like, you know, it's great for them to have websites and all kinds of people I just started making a list. I'm not going to dive into it too too much here, but it's definitely relevant. What I suggest is getting something that you can use to better track your your kind of like customer leads and how you're kind of approaching things. I think I'm gonna cover this more in the cold calling section.

But I did want to mention it here, there is a CRM, I'm actually trying it out, I was recommended to use this and I haven't really kind of made the switch. But it looks pretty good. I'm using a trial. It's called nutshell and go to nutshell, calm. And there's a free trial you think you can try it out for like 14 or 15 days. And they'll actually allow you to basically import contacts and things like that from some of these other tools and things.

So this is definitely going to be a really useful tool for you know, tracking leads and putting in information and things like that, that I can keep track of everything and see My progress, especially when it comes to like cold calling and sending emails and things like that. So I wanted to mention that but I'll probably come back to this and maybe go through it a little bit more once I've tried it out and set it up a little bit to kind of show you how it would work for you. That's pretty much it, I guess, in terms of Facebook for getting clients. Actually, you know what the other big thing I want to mention out and this is huge, you know, not only thinking about your friends, but you got to also think about people that you go to for service. So I actually went and called my auto mechanic.

I went to the chiropractor a couple weeks ago, and I asked the chiropractor if he's interested in services. I asked my accountant, if he's interested in services, anyone that I could think of, you know, people are definitely willing to work with you. I even had a woman that I used to work with in another company. We stayed in touch because her husband does some work on my girlfriend's car, you know, like, it's interesting. Kind of backwards thing and she does hypnosis for a living on the side, you know, in addition to this job, she does in the afternoons, runs her own business. And she says to me, oh, I want a new website.

So I went and built her a new website, and I charged her for it. And, you know, it's just a good thing to have those kind of relationships anywhere you can find opportunities like that. I mean, even I was in a salon the other night with my girlfriend, she needed to, you know, she wanted to get her hair dyed and get a new haircut and blah, blah. And I needed one too, and her hair stylists had been coming to our house. While she was unemployed for a little while, she'd come to the house, and she would actually do do both of our, you know, she cut my hair and I hadn't been to a actual barber in like a while. So this girl happened to get a job at the salon.

So while I was there, I asked her I said, Hey, um, is the owner here today? Is she working here? And she says, Oh, yeah, it's it's that lady over there. So when things are kind of calmed down, you know, most of the clientele was gone. I just casually started asking her about her marketing and you know, how things are going and if she needs any help, and she says, Oh, yeah, I need a new website and, you know, turn into a conversation where maybe I could, you know, take advantage of that. That's just something it's really just kind of networking and bring up as many connections as you can to get some extra work.

I'm even helping someone out right now, just doing a free website for them, because I know that it's gonna pay off in the long run. You know, maybe if they decide they, you know, if I build them a new website and they start getting some more leads more business, they'll in turn, you know, start paying you back by buying some SEO Services down the line, and that could turn into a really great future relationship. But more on that later, I guess that kind of covers Facebook and how I go about it. Thanks.

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