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In this video, I show you a simple tool used for local lead generation. You can download the tool for free here.


Alright, so in this video, I wanted to talk about a tool. It's called maps mentor lead finder, this tool is actually completely free, I'm a little shocked that it's free, because it's pretty awesome for free tool, it's really, really helpful. There's definitely some features I think it could use, that would make things a little easier. But, you know, for the, I guess the basics, it's really going to do exactly what you need to do. I want to show you what this does. So basically, you're gonna be pretty much be able to go into the tool, it's very simple, there's not much to it, you're going to type in what it is you're looking for, you know, so in this example, I'm looking, I'm going to type in a local business of a painter, and then the location.

There's an interval timer, I always set it to like three seconds or above. Otherwise, the tool might crash because what it's doing is scraping Google and it may even like crash the tool if you try to do more than this. So that's really all there is to it. You hit Search and after probably like two, three minutes, this thing will start cranking out all these leads and all this potential data you can use. And the biggest thing that I really like about this tool is it will tell you whether or not the businesses are actually verified or not. Let me see.

Yeah. So that's all the data it gives you if I do. bring this into the window here. Here's this guy, MKS instruments that says, they're a painter, I go to the link, it's going to open up their Google Plus page. And basically, if the business is verified, let me show you the difference. I'll go to this.

And this may not even be it's really just pulling how people categorize themselves I guess, this person Katherine Nolan art studio, I guess they're an artist. So you know, sort of painter artists are really quite the same niche, I guess. But they have been verified. You can see the little gray checkmark and if I highlight over there, it says, verify local business. If they're not verified, there's a good chance I've called Lot of the ones that were not verified, and I'll find that like, they literally just don't even exist anymore. The ones that, you know, you may also want to check for duplicates.

That's another problem, I've noticed that some of them will say like, Oh, it's not verified. And I'll go down the list a little more and see, oh, well, they move to a location or they just had a duplicate somehow. So, um, the good thing about the ones that legitimately are not verified. I mean, like, let me see if this person has a website. Technology for productivity. I don't know why it says they're a painter.

I mean, this is just completely wrong, obviously. But this company, if they're legitimately still in business, which it kind of looks like they are. There's no reason that they shouldn't be verified on Google. And that's kind of an opportunity for you to go in and, you know, offer to say, you know, I've heard of people building just the Google business profile and charging like hundreds of dollars for that. It literally takes like an hour, you know, to go in and do this. Get the postcard set up and you can go in here.

Add all their contact information, you know, um, upload some photos for them, make sure the categories are right. You know, it's very, very simple to do. I mean, I'm not even going to show you how to do it because obviously this course isn't about that. But it's more just the principle of it that you could do this. And it's very, very simple. In terms of, let's see, moving on, what else this tool do?

Biggest thing, you can export it. Sample export. In fact, while we're at it, I'm going to do this live, I've never even done it, it might fail miserably fall in my face. I'm gonna try importing that list I just made. Let's see where I like to import my data from, let's say CSV file. This is my CRM that I'm kind of trying out.

I've heard it's pretty good sample export, wherever it went. I seem to have lost it Where did that save? Let's go back support okay put it in the folder Sorry about that. Normally I'm not like doing these things live on video but I thought I would show you guys if this would be viable sample report so give that a minute we'll hit next and actually it looks like it probably Mmm Hmm It's got some fields that it I guess it like you know it's telling me law contact So I guess you can like kind of dignify like what fields are what? And then I can import it. So I probably work I guess I just need to figure out how to actually get it, I may need to reopen this file and check it and make sure it's good.

But anyways, that's kind of the idea like you could export it, you could also just do an Excel close all this stuff. Sample report. So I could just look at it in here. If I can't get it to go into CRM, I mean, this is honestly another way to do it. Enable my editing. And as you go through and call these people, you could just like market you know, say like, okay, you know, this one's good.

No way my Excel is kind of acting a little strange. Things are formatting a little odd in here. But yeah, basically, that's all there really is to it. I mean, you have all the information, you're able to go through and start using this tool that Paul has Data I don't know why this is like botched on the I don't know what's going on here. I think I've got something going on with my recording. Anyways, I'm not gonna get into it right now.

But that's pretty much the basics of it. I didn't want to dive into this too much because it is a very simple tool. You can also choose whether or not to see verified or non verified, I'll put a link below the video where you can download it, you may have to opt into a person's email list. His name is Paul James, he's the creator of the tool. I don't believe it's been updated in some time. And I also know that Paul from watching his email list as recently when I recorded this he's kind of been more in the Amazon stuff lately.

So I kind of unsubscribed because I'm not really interested in that at the moment. And if you do want to get on his list, you could probably jump into this SEO stuff and be able to get this tool for free. It's literally just runs in Adobe AIR and it's very simple to use. All right, talk to you later.

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